Monday, November 27, 2017

Oh Humble Pie (Warning has a picture of my ass)

How nice to meet you again. It's funny how even at my great age I make stupid mistakes that end in accidents. Firstly, China doesn't really buck so you never really expect that. So thunder started rumbling and I was in a rush to get him worked because I have a clinic tomorrow. So I was like I'll rush over and get it done. So 1. I was rushing him. 2. Giant storm brewing. 3. I went to jump of him off the mounting block and he walked off which is pretty normal, but I duffed my vault and landed at the back of the saddle with no reins and no stirrups and gave him a fright. So I really was asking for it.

He took off I couldn't get my reins and then he did two big bucks and buried me on the gravel. I flew through the air like a very flightless bird. It was like extra strong gravity or something. Anyway, grazed arm, skinned knees and a big old haematoma on my thigh, sticks out a few inches even. Its a doozey. And it was all my fault. Got back on after he ran around for 10 minutes and finally let me catch him. Better this time but such a tense horse and then went and did some very tense flatwork for 15 minutes before it started to rain just huge drops and then there was a giant thunder rumble and I was like yea we can go home now. I actually led him back to the stable and as we went it just unleashed a torrential downpour. Gear off cover on and back in the paddock, though I'm planning to go back out and ride him tonight. Sigh I feel a bit chicken now.

Mums dog hiding from the storm

And that is my second ever fall off of China. Hes just a bit of douche.


  1. Ouch! That looks painful :( I got a huge bruise from a giant dog jumping up on me with sharp claws and arnica gel really helped with the swelling if you can find some!

  2. Ack! I hope it gets better soon and isn't too sore to sit on.

  3. Whoops! Hope you can still make the clinic.