Saturday, June 13, 2009

While I'm away

I have been on holiday for a week, staying with my BF up North. And while I'm away shenanigans occur. Unbelieveable.

Rascal seems a little unsure about this whole deal. I think she would rather park up with the cars.

Who is this grinning midget on my horse?? It's my Mum. First time she has ridden in a year.

Yup Rascal does want to be parked with the cars. No riding for her. And why a stick Kim, are you too cheap to buy a crop?

Not exactly a beautiful day I have to say.

The instigator of course. Who else has a grin that cheeky??


  1. Hahaha! Geez, I'm jealous - I'd be stoked if someone rode my horse for me!

  2. Your mum looks like she's having fun with Kate!

  3. Beautiful horse. I especially liked the one of the horse parked with the cars. It really shows how large he/she must be.

  4. "And why a stick Kim, are you too cheap to buy a crop?"

    So funny!

    They look really good clipped BTW.