Monday, March 25, 2013

Horse of the Year 2013

Isn't he a truely classically stunning animal! He is so awkward looking but it works for him so we don't fight it too much. For me his jumping is so much more important. And he is just the most amazing horse. So honest and genuine. He is easy to ride and he isn't. He is easy because he is so basic, but  he is so unorthodox to sit on. Still he is totally amazing and so much more than I deserve.
The pictures below are me walking down to the 1.25m horse of the year class, explaining to my firend how it was so big and wide.

My first class of the show was a 1.20m class. I had one rail and it was my fault but I can't remember where it was and what exactly I did. Horse of the Year runs for 6 hot dusty days they all sort of merge lol! The next day another 1.20m class and my boss said jump the first fence and just let him travel down in the 5 strides to the second. I should have added, on Butch it's best to add down my lines, because it keeps him quieter and more together and stops him jumping through his fences. I did the five and was dead in no mans land, dived through the fence, nearly died, stopped him bolting from the ring and carried on for just that rail. (That is the round that is in the video from fence 3. It's purely accidental you missed the fun, Dan was day dreaming).
The next day I did the 1.15m class but I should haven given him the day off in hindsight. He isn't anywhere near as strong as I'd like to be and by the end of the week the strain of the show was starting to show, he got flatter to his fences and just generally less scopey.
The photos below are from the 1.25m horse of the year class.

On the Friday I did my first 1.25m class on him, which is awesome considering I have been riding him for all of 6 or 8 weeks. It's still a very new relationship. I feel like I look like a nosiy rider on him, but basically on the video the rounds have all been quite smooth. I thought I was in trouble in the 1.25m because the mounted games finals were in the next ring and before the bell I could feel his heart pounding. Still only one rail again and he jumped like a super star. Such an awesome horse.
So to the final day and the big class of my show, the 1.25m horse of the year class. Very nervous. I'm always nervous, but on Butch I'm not scared of the height of the fences, just stuffing him up really. I know I'm his biggest handicap. Well anyway i made a bloody good stuff up of it. Had the first rail, but it was his rail not mine. But then long show so I don't hold it against him. Then was going ok and had an absolute mare, when I just killed his canter, strangled him with the bridle and put him in the fence. He landed on his knees and I thought I was ok until I realised I was on his ears. Poor poor Butch. Still he is fine and I was fine just mortified because all the family had turned out to watch. 
Cantered over a fence in the warm-up and called it a day. Hopefully he wasn't rattled, though he is fairly dumb so it shouldn't bother him. I just am a bit gutted really, to go so well all week and let him down on the big day. Nevermind it happens to the best of us.

He is the video:

Overall it was a good show. Foxton next wekend and then it's breakers and hunting. Never ends!!

Sunday, March 10, 2013


Packing for horse of the year. Don't know if I'm dreading it or excited. My bosses top horse is out which is a shame because watching him is always fun. Here we go again!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

New Horse

Ok so the cat may as well come out of the bag. My partner has brought me Butch. He is a 12yo old TB who is pretty low mileage, and is an awesome jumper and field hunter. Of course he is very ugly and quite unorthodox. That being said he is awesome. Just a genuine honest horse, who if you keep him quiet and don't rattle him will jump the moon. Now I don't know if any of my readers have been around that long, but 5 years ago Butch came to my place to hang out and jump small tracks after a fall as a 6yo. So these pictures are from then. Yes he is a camel and no he has only gotten less attractive.

 photo 100_0452-1.jpg

 photo 100_0474.jpg

Here is one from now

 photo Butch2_zps165e453f.jpg

I hope I can do him justice. He isn't a grand prix horse but he will cruise around the 1.30m and give me heaps more mileage. I just have to learn to not press him at the jumps because he jumps straight through the front rail on the oxer if I do that. Anyway, here is a video of our first 1.20m together from the weekend. You can see where I pressed him. Forgive my riding, I have trouble sitting on his jump and have gotten way too fat, which I definitely plan to fix.

So here he is my new BFF: