Friday, May 30, 2014

Holidays for everyone!

So currently I am in Rarotonga with the last of the money from Connie for the island holiday I promised I would have. It's much much poorer than I thought over here but it's so beautiful and warm and the people are delightful. I would highly recommend it to anyone even though I have gotten quite fat. Butch is on holiday too as of my leaving date a week ago and I'm told he is doing fine. I was just starting to feel like even though the hunting was freshining him up his body was tired and he soft tissue needed a rest. I have a ringer coming in for the rest of hunting whom shows up at the start of this blg so that should be interesting. I still am dearly missing the big scopey ahpwjper of my dreams but being unemployed my options are severely limited. I didn't realise with my education I would struggle so much to get a job but here it is. Life is a kick in the cock sometimes and I have made a hash of it. Sorry I'm not sober love you all on my last night in the beautiful Cook Islands x.

Sunday, May 4, 2014


So brother butch and I went showjumping this weekend. Butch is not a happy man indoors so it's nice during the winter series to have the opportunity to jump the big guy over some small tracks inside with less pressure and atmosphere. Was in the 1.05m class first and while he did start to boil over a bit at the end I managed to keep him settled enough to jump a clear round. In the jump off he was quite strong and I never got him quite settled but still managed some inside turns and things.

Then came the 1.10m class and in both classes there had been a class which was an upright five strides down to a one stride double. This 1.05m I kept him more settled by keeping quiet and king six strides down to the double. In the bigger class I let him roll down in the five strides which to be fair is something he needs to be able to do but afterwards he was hotter and so I had a rail at nine and a rail at eleven both which probably could have been avoided if I had collected the canter more and got him more settled.

It as really fun to be showjumping again after having done some eventing and hunting both butch and I feel really fresh and good. He didn't even go left though he did think about it.

In other more horrible news while my boyfriend was Unsaddling  itch a neighbouring horse pulled back and butch pulled back and joined them while his saddle was still attached to his breastplate and the girth was undone so he spent some time jumping around on my beautiful calfskin prestige event saddle which I love passionately and is my favourite off all the things. I'll take it into a saddler tomorrow because if it's dead I don't know what I'll do being unemployed etc. I love that saddle it's a cuddle for your butt.