Tuesday, December 29, 2009


1m = 3'3"
1.1m = 3'6"
1.2m = 3'9"
1.3m = 4'2"

Monday, December 28, 2009

Mid-season Blues

I'm not really sure why it is, but I have definitely lost momentum this season. Having ages between shows doesn't help, and the injuries neither because you get out of the habit of working them. That and they are all full of beans like it's some sort of spring rerun. It took me an hour to get Connie going nicely the other day and to stop bucking and trying to bolt. She isn't malicious just so full of herself. I hate having to ride the snot out of them but I always ride until they are going kindly and if it takes an hour and a half so be it. Unless of course I'm struggling to keep my temper, then I just get off because there is nothing to be gained from that. It's a crappy time of year, I'm so full of food from Christmas still, motivation is low and I'm having a bout of poor health (I should go see a doctor but I'm terrified of doctors so it will be interesting to see how this goes down.)

I guess one thing that really bothered me, was realising that the chances are I wont make HOY again this year. I should put entries in soon if I'm going and so it creates a dilemma. Do I really think I will be jumping 1.20ms by the end of the season? The pessimistic side of me thinks it isn't possible- no way no how, the optimistic side of me thinks it's a possibility. The 10cms from 1.10s to 1.20s is a fairly big 10cm. Not as big as going from 1.20s to 1.30s of course but who knows. There are only 5 more NZEF shows before HOY, so it feels like not a lot of time. I know Kate has jumped that big before so it's more likely on her, but I don't know how much longer she is going to be off with this skin thing as it's not improving, though it isn't spreading any further either. The vet thought she might have a suppressed immune system but her selenium, copper and cobalt levels were all normal so he is confused.

The Daniel Meech clinic is in 5 days and I'm nervous about that. I always find going to a new instructor incredibly nervewracking. I'm always worried they will just say "you might as well give up". Of course they wont they never do because I'm paying them. Maybe I can do it though if I work really hard. I just need to get motivated again and get fired up. I sort of want to send Bill away to get her going again because I'm not sure I will ever find the time, especially now I'm working Rascal as well. I'm sure I will et back into the swing of things and I'll just have to play it by ear I guess. I'll decide about HOY after Levin.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Merry Christmas everyone

And many happy tidings for the new year etc. Kyrewood is cancelled so I have a brief interlude before the clinic on the 3rd and 4th. Random pictures from the last few days to tide you over.

A painting I had to treat myself with for Christmas. It's a print of a Julie Greig painting of Catherino II who incidently is Connies sire so I couldn't pass it up.

Our JRT puppies. The one of the left is my puppy called Roger. She is my hallmark puppy she is so cute and she is hilarious.

Connie doesn't have such a high opinion of swimming really, and a really long tongue!

Yes my thighs are that white it's been a pretty bleak Summer until just recently.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Carterton Spring show

So I have been riding Connie some and she is going really well but I'm not allowed to jump her. Her chest doesn't seem to bother her at all, and looks to be healing beautifully. I do miss having her at shows though at the same time its nice to work on a little schooling and mosey around the farm bareback. I have taken to doing 10mins no stirrup work every time I ride so thats been difficult, but really I want to make sure I'm in top form for the Daniel Meech clinic in the New Year.

Kate was going awesome but when I went to ride her, two days after I had last ridden her- she wore a cover that whole time so I missed it's start- she had a dermatitis of some sort that seemed pretty aggressive. The spread has been phenomenal and it was driving the poor mare mental with how much it itched. There isn't much hair on her belly and flanks anymore and it has spread to her neck and face in places. Fingers crossed the others don't get it.

So I only had Rascal to take to the Carterton Spring Show. I was surprised how hard the ground was and it had a lot of grass cover on top so it was incredibly slippery. Rascal had lost some confidence as evidenced by her attempt to stop at the very first warm-up cross rail I did, and she was slow off the ground to the fences initially. About halfway around the 80cm course she got her confidence again and jumped a lot more like her old self. I had a run out in the double at the second element because we slipped so much coming into the first element. It was in no way a dirty runout but after we slipped so much we ended up jumping the first element on such an angle it was impossible to get to the second.

I (I say I, Kim actually did it) put studs in for the next roun and she jumped much better, though still slow off the ground to fence 3- she can't have liked that one- but jumped a double clear to get fourth. I had been in two minds about jumping her off fast against the clock but she was jumping so well and confidently by then I figured I can giver her a goo enough ride that it should be ok. So thats ok I guess I can cope with another horse.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Fielding A+P is a debacle

I have to say, though it sounds mad the atmosphere at Fielding was off. Maybe it's because entries were so low or that the weather was pretty average but I just wasn't happy to be there (I need to work on my superstitiousness) Anyway, Kim had a mare. Obviously, the fall at Gladstone had spooked her horse more than we had anticipated, and Kim and the two of them couldn't get it together, and Kim has decided to take a break from competing for a while.

I got on Kate and she was unsound. Not really bad but still you don't jump a lame horse. So the plan has changed, entries for Taupo are canceled and I will go to the Carterton Spring show with Rascal in the small classes to get her going and maybe (fingers crossed) Kate in the 1m and 1.10m. Then it's Kyrewood for a day just after Christmas (Even though I pretty much hate Kyrewood, it's always big and spooky so I really need to go do it) and then the NI showjumping Champs in Danniverke so there is still plenty of showing to come.

I am freaking out about having 3 horses at shows again because I was flat out last time I had three but Kim says she will still help with grooming and keeping the horses fit so I may be able to do it and continue breaking in Bill. Kim is a phenomenal groom. Damn I wish riding was my only job!

Thursday, December 10, 2009


So Connie got a nice laceration on her chest and has 6 very neat stitches on the eve of Fielding A+P show. Hitting a patch of bad luck eh! It was crazy. I had Kate on the lawn having a feed and Connie must have tried to knock the fence down with her chest as she does and caught a bolt that sticks out. I was away for 20 seconds putting up my saddle and Kim was standing right there and still it happened.

Anyway, I walked around the corner with her feed and I saw it and just went straight back inside to call the vet. I didn't do anything with it as she wasn't bleeding very much and the vet was pretty happy about that because it was a nice clean fresh wound. Uhh of course she did it just after hours so the bill will be bigger. Still generally she is my soundest horse so I can't complain too much. And it really isn't serious she will probably only miss two shows.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Gladstone Sports Day

Yesterday was the Gladstone sports day. This is the BEST local sports meeting. The weather and the ground are always excellent and the atmosphere is awesome too. They moved it forward from February to December this year and I liked it but it meant that entries were down. I was absolutely sick with nerves that whole morning even though I knew it was only a small local show, but sometimes the local ones are the worst because everyone knows you. That and the last time I competed Kate I fell off and while I was trying not to dwell on it, it was definitely on my mind.

Me and G tearing up the practise rounds

Anyway, we arrived about 11.30 and I rode my friends very cute but very green five year old in the practise rounds because he needs some ring time. He was very cute but having been a stallion earlier in life he was quite good at setting hi neck against you so the steering was a little vague. I managed to approach some fences mostly sideways. He jumped everything though, was just a little sticky in the double, and I was very impressed with the fact he had flying changes already.

Kim and Rascal in the 90cm- Showing off her picture perfect position over fences- curse her!

Kimmy rode a beautiful 80cm round on Rascal, possible the best 80cm round I saw anyone ride that day bar doing two strides in the one stride double. She started well in the 90cm but made the fatal mistake off jumping ahead of the horse and Rascal stopped and Kimmy cleared the fence alone after spending a long time hanging around Rascals neck. I'd love a photo of tat. However, she seems to be taking it well and she has the next show to sort it out.

Connie in the 1m class

I rode Connie first in the 1m class so that she could have a breather between that and the 1.10m because unlike Kate she can't just keep going. After yesterdays performance at the arena with the arab impression I decided I would jump her in the pelham, but with two reins instead of a converter so I could keep the curb rein loose and she also has a rubber curb guard on the chain to make the aciton less sharp. She was awesome in it, I hardly had to use my reins at all, she didn't brace and when I did ask her to collect she just did rather than ignoring me. She jumped really really well and was clean in the first round, I jumped her off a little against the clocks but being first clear round I didn't get the sharpest lines on her.

Connie in the 1m

Kate coming home in the 1m Jump-off

So I got on Kate and she was the last horse in this class. She warmed up well and once we started warming up over the practice fence she got her happy face on so she was pleased to be there. I have found when I'm cantering into the first fence if I give her a very light half halt a few strides out from the first fence she locks onto the first fence better, like I'm saying hey here we go now. She also jumped awesome, though a little over exuberant in this class, she did want to zoom zoom. I had a really good day in terms of my eye, I could see my spots off of my corners wich always makes me feel more confident. So Kate was clear in the first round, and then jumped-off really well. She came second in the class and Connie was fourth. FWIW the rider that won went like a bat out of hell.

Kate over the last in the 1.10m class

I stayed on Kate and after jumping one big oxer in the warm-up went straight back into the ring to jump the bigger class. I rode first in this class knowing it would be a bit of a rush to get Connie warmed up as the class was quite small. Kate started off a little hot because she had just come off the jump off but about halfway round she was like oh this are bigger and settled down a lot more. Man she was giving the jumps some air. See how much she is clearing the fence by in the picture above. I'm really struggling to stay with her she is putting so much power to the ground. I'm going to get some boot tack which is like a resin that is tacky and helps keep your leg against the saddle. Anyway, she jumped our first clear round at this height and was going awesome in the jump-off until ITook an angle too sharp and missed my spot and she stopped because I sort of gave up. Silly goose. Still she jumped awesome and she finished the course really nicely so I can't complain.

Connie in the 1.10m class

By the time I got to Connie I was pretty tired. It was quite hot and I was batlting a bit. Anyway she warmed up awesome and jumped awesome. I was second to last to ride in this class so i knew there had only been one double clear. Anyway, Connie jumped really well and was clear in the first round which I was rapt about. If she had two rails but tried hard i would have been over the moon so to jump clear was really cool. The pelham certainly helped because it helped me keep her together more. So to the jump-off and I put down a really good round with tight but not ridiculous lines. She saved my butt in the double when I jumped in too quiet and had to ride hard to make the distance to the second fence and I went " go pony, go pony" and I'm still getting a lot of shit about that. Apparently she jumped that second fence humoungous. Such a good pony though to help me out like that. We came down to the last and I chased her a bit when I didn't need to and she hit the jump hard and I landed waiting to hear the rail fall- a little disappointed after she had done so well. but it didn't fall! And she won the class.

Little Connie won her first ever 1.10m class. Last time she was at this show which was 21 months ago, it was her second ever show and I mostly trotted her around the 80cm class. The second and third riders weren't that keen to victory lap but there was no way I was missing my chance at letting Connie have her victory gallop. Freaking awesome. Kate ended up fourth in that class as well so both my horses placed in both their classes. It was a very very good day. The best day I have had in a really long time. It's funny how once I had jumped 1.10m on Kate it was so much easier to move Connie up. Onward and upward I guess. Shit I'm lucky with my girls.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

No Clinic

I didn't get it pulled off, I didn't get Kate sound enough in time and then Connie joined her with some lameness, mostly by throwing a shoe and taking a lot of foot with it. I'm still optimistic they will be right by the weekend and I'll be able to do the Gladstone sports day. Ahh Horses you do make it difficult. Still there maybe a clinic in early Jan and I'd love to get to that one.

I have continued my search for a bit for Connie because I haven't been loving the feel of the waterford lately. I tried her in a rubber pelham and she was so so soft in it but wanted to fall behind the bridle. I can see how in a few seasons time when she is stronger and hotter and jumping bigger fences I might need it but for now we are back in a bendy rubber straight bar snaffle and she is already well started on chewing through it. She just stays so much softer to the aids, though once we get out at a show she may just bolt and I'll have no brakes so time will tell on that one.

It's currently hosing down despite being the second day of Summer. I'm not sure Summer is ever coming now TBH, I'm so looking forward to this weekend and I'll do the 1m class and the 1.10m class on them both, soundness pending of course. After a bit of a break I'm really excited to get back into showing. Aiming for the 1.15championship on the 20th of December with Kate, it's exciting to be working towards another upgrade, so fingers crossed and we will see how it goes. Tough on the horses though, Saturday is Gladstone, the following Friday and Saturday is Feilding A&P and then the following Wednesday I'm heading to Taupo for the Christmas classic which runs over 4 days. Then maybe Kyrewood on the 27th and 28th though I don't like that show :(