Thursday, July 25, 2013

So much riding.

It has to be the warmest July on record. It's supposed to be the depths of winter and we are having such long sunny days, it's unreal and a little unnerving. The arena is being absolutely thrashed now that it's in and both Connie and Butch are here with me and coming into work. Connie is hella fat and I'm working on it but she is like me, quick to get fat and oh so slow to lose it.

Butch is the other way a little lean and mean but feeling strong and well in his body. Actually both of them feel good and strong under saddle even if Butch is much uglier than I had remembered. Though to be fair he certainly is a lot better now once he has been clipped. Not the easiest horse to clip because every time the clippers touched him he would jump and he had to be twitched to do his head and neck but he looks so much better now the rank coat is gone and his clipped coat has an amazing copper sheen. i have added copra and oil to his diet so I'm hoping he will pick up. I wish I could fix his back and make it like he was a 7yo again but it's so swayed now from poor saddle fit and unbalanced saddles. Even when you do tummy stretches he can't lift it that high. Still like I say under saddle he feels the best he has since I bought him.

Anyway we had a client come to try a horse and she spent a few days with us and took lots of photos. So I will share them with you now and you can see my ponies in all their glory. Yes I do ride in track pants it's because they are cheap and breeches aren't and then when I put my breeches on i have so much grip. If you can sitting trot in track pants you are secure lol.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Look who is back

There is just something about life through that set of ears, it always brings a smile to my face to have her back again. Connie is back in training and it's like sliding on an adorable pair of faded comfy old slippers. They may not be the most talented or flashy but they are a dream for your feet. She is my slippers with all her beautiful buttons. Shoulder ins, leg yields, demi-pirouettes, every part of her body mostly under my control. 
It's an amazing thing. Though I had a shock the first time I rode her because after the holstiners I have been riding, and the nippier tbs, and Butch who goes very like a gangly warmblood, she felt like a little fat pony. And she is seriously fat. I'm going to actually have to train her like I'm planning to field hunt her to get the weight off of her. 

Still she is a very good 1.20m horse and there is no shame in that. She has won me quite a bit of prize money now and she really owes me nothing in terms of what she has done for my confidence and I just love her. She is my best horsey mate. Sometimes we upset each other with niggly behaviou e.g. pawing and breaking things to get to food, but she has always been good to me. Rode her in a bitless cross over bridle today and she was ok in. Much the same as in the rubber snaffle though perhaps a little quicker to stop, but worse to turn.

A couple more pictures of Willis. I'm not sure how he got the name Willis, he came with it, but he was free and he is actually a very very cool horse and the person who gave him away should be kicking herself for not persevering with him. When he arrived he was dead in the eye and now he is starting to get a personality and sparkle. He is very brave and not very spooky and very laid back about everything. a little dull to the leg but we are working on it. He is jut a very nice, very basic sort of a horse, though his jump is very cute. He used to buck a little at the canter (not well) but now his back is stronger he has completely stopped it. He does pull to the right over jumps but he is still very very green.

Full photo credit to Belinda Pratt Photography

Monday, July 8, 2013

Manfield Winter Show

So we had a show yesterday. My boss won two classes, and everything else jumped well and her 5yo is shaping up into one of the nicest horses ever. He is just a dream. All the raw talent you would ever want with a big kind sensible brain. I just want to hug his wheelbarrow head all day.

I got to compete as well on a 4yo OTTB called Willis whom has been handed around a little bit but he is a very cool dude. Very sensible just quite green.!/photo.php?v=683817378298259&notif_t=video_wall_create

That should be a video of him in the 70cm when we had about a billion time faults. In the 80cm we didn't have as good a ride, I needed to let him canter more and trust him and keep him straight so we had two rails, but really it was his third show and my first show on him and we both survived so thats a win isn't it?

 Now the arena is in I can start putting more work into him and get him a little more schooled. 

Friday, July 5, 2013

9 Weeks

First proper show of the season is in nine weeks! Who is excited!! I'm not. Haha kidding I'm so excited. Picked up Connie this morning and she has come through the winter butter fat. She looks like a seal so sleek and shiny and no ribs whatsoever. She is so miffed to be on a diet.

I'm not doing a lot of three horses I ride day to day and they are all lovely. Especially Erl Grey because he is so smooth and well schooled so I do all my no stirrups work on him. Got to get some strong thighs before the season starts. Especially if i'll be riding some babies and I don't like falling off. I have spent so much time out of the saddle while we set up the new place I feel like I'm green and weak again. Bad habits sneak in so fast! Thumbs on top and following elbows! Be soft to create a soft horse, use your leg not your hand and circles are a girls best friend.

I jump the young horse I work tomorrow and he is pretty green so it should be interesting because the new jumps we have made are scary! I'll have to be very brave especially because the little bugger bucks.  Not psarticularily well but with my current lack of fitness and feeling a little down on my ability I need to be careful.

Still it's july it should be cold and horrible and I have had two lovely days of riding in a t-shirt and sunshine. So excited to have my mate back into work. Yay Connie.