Sunday, December 12, 2010


Ok so Kates swollen fetlock is a sprained ligament in the front of her back fetlock and so she is going to be out for a little while unfortunately. And she misses Taupo again. That's a real boo hiss. The swelling is starting to go down though, slowly but surely. She is a pretty unhappy mare though.

Bill has been getting plenty of work. I missed taking her to the little show because Truckie is in the garage getting some repairs on the exhaust. Still bill has been out on a road ride and a proper trek over the hills and I gave her a good ride the other day. First time I rode her in spurs but it helped her understand because it was my first day of teaching her to move off of the inside leg and into the outside hand. Once she figured out what I was asking she marched around nicely on the contact and then I did lots of trotting and cantering as well. It was the first time I ever felt the TB side of her ancestry, but she was super forward which was nice really. She is a lovely mover.

Connie feels ok. I'm not sure that she is 100%, but I'm sure she will let me know if she is happy jumping or not. And Rascal has been working quite nicely too so really bar Kates injury everything is on track.

Also Kippen, what I need know to get to the next level is mostly just ring time. Lots and lots of rounds.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Addressing a comment

Here's a question for you. You want to make a life out of show jumping, but have you planned what sort of life you ultimately hope for if all goes well? I don't want to stomp on your feelings, but at the moment it all comes across as being a very nice young woman doing some show jumping with her nice horses. An expensive hobby and not a career. This is something that I really do want you to think about.

I want to address this comment and I meant to do it a while ago, and Kippen really doesn't have to apologise for it but I do realise I have never really addressed this. As I said in the post before I'm not looking beyond the end of this season really because I was so close to quitting last season I just need to get through and figure out what I'm capable of.

At the moment yes, showjumping is a very expensive hobby that I take part in, but it has been my choice to do it this way. I have several friends that ride of a similar level as e try and run horse businesses with lessons and training, and they all go under. The only one who isn't, rides World cup and Grand Prix level, and she is still struggling to keep her head above water. The Showjumping world is so small in NZ that everyone really already knows everyone. I don't have the reputation yet to get business sent my way.

So I work so that I can ride. This has given me the freedom to pay the $600 it costs me to run two horses through a two day Cashmore clinic, something I couldn't afford if I was doing horses as my sole income earner. I don't have the facilities to bring other peoples horses here either. Believe me I have looked at some properties for lease really seriously, but when my partner left, that became no longer a viable option.

Currently then, if I do decide to stay Showjumping and get more serious about it, I would like to wait until I'm consistent at the 1.25m-1.30m level and take on some schoolers and lessons and see how it goes, rather than just keeping straight in with out any thought for how I'm going to afford it all. For now though I'm making enough progress to keep myself happy, ticking along as I am.

Monday, December 6, 2010


I was asked about goals because we all know that the key to success is having good goals. You know intelligent, attainable, measurable goals. I do always have goals. I normally go out and ride with a goal in mind for each horse. Mostly it's getting them fitter or getting them working softly and round, improving lightness to the aids or relaxation. Just something. Normally it's something pretty simple- I tend to school until I get the feeling I want and then call it a day.

On the slightly longer term, I would like to jump some clear rounds in the Amateur classes with Connie and Kate and compete in the Amateur class at the Horse of the Year show and perhaps jump some 1.25m classes on either of them providing the season continues to go well and I can get Connie really sound again. Bill, I want to get out to a few shows and then I will probably hunt her. Rascal I want to find a job she likes doing and then sell her to someone who wants a nice little horse for that job.

Normally I have longer term goals as well but this season I don't. It's for a specific reason- I don't know whats going to happen. It all comes down to this season really. Last year I went crazy and blew the whole season with the depression malarky, so I really set myself back a season. I'm 25 already and the longer I spend out of the proper workforce or furthering my education, the less likely it is that I'll get a good career and a house and that sort of thing. On the flip side, it's my dream and I love the showjumping. So this season is a litmus test. I'm not worrying about next year until after HOY is over and then I will sit down and think very hard about my life and the other aspects and then I'll decide where to from there. Though honestly if I can continue with the progress I have made so far it will be really hard to leave.

And to whom made the comment about the size of the fences, it comes down to the horse really. One day the look really impossibly huge and then you practice and have a good horse and suddenly it looks possible and you can just do it. Believe me on Bill 50cm looks humungous, as does 1m on Rascal, while on Connie and Kate 1.20m is doable.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Ticking along

So I have been riding and ticking along. Desperately need some rain soon, but not much I can do about that. Connie I have worked twice since the clinic where we found she has jarred up and she feels pretty good so hopefully that continues. To help with the jarring up I want to work her in the river 2-3 times a week. Unfortunately my swimming hole has gotten very shallow but upstream I found a section with a sand base that's about 40m long and over chest deep so we wade up and down there. I don't know if it will even work but it's great resistance training and she loves splashing. I wore a face full of water once when she got very accurate with her splashing.

Bill had her first proper steep hill ride to the top of the farm and deported herself very well, especially as there were plenty of motorbikes on the road and the like. They are going really well, all things considered. Hopefully a show for Rascal and Bill next weekend. Then it's Taupo Christmas Classic with Connie and Kate. My health is slowly recovering and it's all sort of coming together.