Monday, July 25, 2011

Snow Day

See my grandads saying of as the days get longer the cold gets stronger is definitely standing. I didn't think it would snow this winter because it has been relatively mild for where I live anyway. Even the ancient Maori name of our area means "to eat bad weather". Cheers guys. Anyway, I have just worked a solid month without a break so when I eventually woke up and looked out the window and saw all the snow I had a pretty good laugh because I didn't have to go work in it.

This year my Mum isn't using one of the small sheds for calves so she said I could have it for the horses. Lucky for them I guess. I use one end for saddling up and that leaves two bays for the horses. It isn't that pretty but it's functional and it has to beat being outside. I felt a bit mean seeing as I could only bring two in, but Kate and Rascals paddock is getting really muddy and deep and as Rascal has a touch of mudfever, she and Kate lucked in. Connie and Bills paddock has a big shed they can stand in the lea of as well. Kate was a bit iffy at first because she is a suspicious old mare, but even though I had dropped Rascals rope she marched right in by herself and made herself at home. When I last saw them they actually looked pretty smug. Anyway pictures!

The really snowy sheep is Called Rustle, because we give Mum a hard time for "rustling" her when she saved her off of the side of the road during a snowstorm a long time ago as a new born. The other sheep had been moved away from the paddock and she was all alone. I gave these guys a lot of hay seeing as they looked pretty peckish. They were delighted.

Poor outside horses!

A bale of hay eases the cold eh. They were pretty rapt with that!


  1. Aww lovely photos, and that snowy sheep looks very cute! I am following you now :-)

  2. I am very jealous that you got snow. I wish I was still in Palmy just to experience that. We just got the cold without the fun!

  3. WE got snow here in Taranaki too. First time in around 30 years! brrr... looks cold