Monday, November 21, 2011

Recovering Slowly

I didn't realise concussions were so debilitating to be honest. Still haven't been back on a horse. Was going to try today but did some work instead and now my head is a bit sore so I might give it a miss. I Have cancelled all my show entries until the 4th when I do one day at the Feilding 3* show. I think my first class out is the amateur in the indoor arena so I'm not that optimistic it will go well. Always I hit some road bumps mid season and this is it.

I'm a bit lost really. Started the season with four horses going well and fit and looking good for the season coming and now I'm down to two and wondering how I can work through the issues of Bill. Though I think she was in season which added to her mareness the other day and that was a factor in her bucking. Connie of course is still my baby and I'm really starting to miss riding her. I feel I'm not having a lot of luck right now really. Either that or I'm making mistakes somewhere I don't know about. I'm still thinking pretty hard about sending Bill away and if she is really difficult again I will look into that. I would rather work through it myself though.

Now I'm going to go an take a nap. Hope you are all getting on better with your horses than I am with mine haha.


  1. Feel better - a bad concussion does take time to recover from, and it's important to take that time otherwise you just don't get better and risk a second injury, which could be much worse.

  2. I hope your concussioin is better. Maybe you and Bill need a ground work tune-up? Really helped when my guy and I were going through a bad riding stage (even though I thought his ground work was great... boy was I wrong). I know there are quite a few groundwork people in Aus., but not sure about NZ. Send me a note and I might be able to hook you up with someone if you're interested.

  3. I hope you feel better soon. I like your blog very much and I hope you would like to take a look at mine;