Friday, August 24, 2012


How good do those ears look! I have missed riding my buddy Connie. I am so smitten with her. This was her second ever trip to the beach and the first time some years ago didn't go that well because we had two horses that had never been to the beach and they were both scared and stuck to each other and spooked and snorted and shied on what was a less than enjoyable ride. This time I made my friend come with me with her older not afraid of the beach because I have been there heaps horse and it was awesome.

Connie was of course initially pretty snorty and overwhelmed by the noise and movement but she was really good. I even managed to eventually convince her that the waves weren't actually solid and she had a good time trying to destroy the ocean with her front feet. Pony loves to paw. There is something about riding on the beach, that feeling that you can go forever that's so awesome.

My poor old mare has been in the wars a bit lately, she has been kicked in the back leg and while not unsound she has been quite swollen but working her has helped with that so I haven't stopped riding. This weekend the plan is to use some time and do lots of hacking. Maybe not so much this afternoon but definitely tomorrow I want to find some forestry to ride her in. At the very least some hills because she is a bit of a lard ass.

4 weeks until the first show. It has flown by hasn't it! Into it again already. I was hoping to have picked up a catch ride by now. But it is not to be. It's going to be harder in a new area where no one knows me I guess. I'd like to develop enough reputation to start to develop a bit of a business in the years to come. I have given myself until I'm 30 to jump a grand prix. If I don't I will scale back the amount I'm spending and make it a hobby more than a sport. That way I can look back and say I tried my best even if I'm not good enough to make it.

I start riding the stallion Trumps in a weeks time. He has had a paddock injury so may not stay sound but it will be nice to try. The horse can certainly jump, so that has promise. I'll bring Bill off the hill in maybe a fortnight and get her going as well so I'm going to be flatout. Still better that way! I'd love to win lotto and not have to worry about the nitty gritty and just ride everyday. Sorry for the pretty average update, hopefully more exciting things will happen soon. Practice jumping day next weekend!

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