Thursday, October 4, 2012

Rotorua Spring Show

This was a show of bad omens. Some sparkles have fallen off of Connies sparkle halter for a start and by the time I was organised after work it was that late that I did even make the turn to go and get Malinki and just took Bill and Connie instead. Making it easy on myself you know. We didn't arrive until 10pm. Early start the next day being a late entry in the first class which mjeant I was second to go.

The first class was my first 1.20m of the season and I thought it looked hugemongous! The oxers look mosterous at that height. The whole way itno the first fence I'm going don't panic, don't panic. I do seem to ride that little bit better when I'm a bit scared. Connie was of course amazing and jumped a clear round. It was a two phase and I did jump off and was around 4 seconds off the winning time so I was pretty happy with her. As I jumped fence 12 I realised the finish flags had moved since I walked it and luckily I looked up and saw the last fence otherwise I would have been so lost. Love my pony man.

Then I rode Bill. I don't like Bill. Bill and I don't click I'm pretty intimidated by Bill and she certainly knows it, so after riding her for all of 20 minutes I got in touch with a girl who loves her and Bill is very very sold and I am very very relieved. We click not at all.

The amateur was the last class of the day and I found it hard to get my head in the game. That 1.15m height really doesn't scare me anymore which isd a little demotivating and makes it harder to focus especially when I'm tired and it had been so hot. But if I don't jump that height I need to look at moving up and it's such a safe height for me. The thought of consistently competing at 1.25m and looking towards 1.30m seems almost impossible. Anyways, she jumped a lovely clear round and we went into a competitive jump-off to finish off fifth which is very very awesome, but the double clear in the 1.20m still meant more to me. I'm not going to get to enough shows to really compete in the Amateur series anyway now I'm a grown up and have moved away from home and have to pay my own way 100%.

Only one class on the second day and Connie was clean in the 1.15m and we had one rail in the jump-off. I took the rail in the jump-off really by collapsing at the base and not staying strong in my upper body. IO didn't even push for time in the jump-off because she has been jumped off so much lately she is getting a bit hot across the ground and fussy in the bridle. Then home time. I show again tomorrow in the Eastern Bay SJing show, With Connie and Malinki. Possibly also Trumps but he has been a bit stiff of late so we will see how he is tomorrow.

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  1. Sounds like a good solution for Bill--those girls can be tricky.

    In other news, OMG DOUBLE CLEAR 1.20??? Congrats girl, you're rocking.