Monday, December 17, 2012

Pukete Showjumping

As a show Pukete was something of a mixed bag. Connie was up first in the 1.10m Class because I needed and easy run. Was a pretty good ride for 5th place and a double clear round. Stinky came out and jumped super for a clear round in the 1.10m class and one rail in the jump off. I was just completely unable to jump the narrow stile jump for the rest of the show, I continually let the narrowness drag me into the base.

Then I had the amateur class and again Connie jumped clear. Such a good Connie. Iwas rapt. She jumped well, but still I felt something was missing. The quality of the canter wasn't 100 percent and I don't know. Looking back with hindsight, it is a lack of trust in myself to have the good canter and the good distance and that is one of the core issues. Finally got a good ride to the stile in the jump-off and must have sighed with relief and not put me leg on because she just rolled it out of the cups. Still she was the fastest of the four faulters to be fifth and we were the only combination to do one tricky inside turn.

The ground was very very hard so it was poulticing and wrapping for Connie, who tends to jar up on hard ground, because she is slightly back at the knee and doesn't have the smoothest action. The next day Malinki was first up in the 1.15m class and old Malinki who takes rails was back and she ran through the hand and had three rails. Then Connie had the 1.20m class. When I walked it, I wasn't that confident and when I saddled her up I thought her right front had a little filling in it. She was sound as a pound though and let everyone talk me into starting. Big mistake because I was so worried about her stinking leg that even though she warmed up super I wasn't confident and never found my rhythym. Has two rails early on and then pulled up before the last double which I was super intimidated by and retired. Weak!! Poor horse burdened with a mad woman.

Then Stinky had 4 rails in her next class which was 1.10m. She really isn't that concerned up clearing them which is a shame because she has plenty of power. Still it wasn't a good feeling, still not sure what was going on with my pony. Her leg was fine, perfect the next day, smooth cool and tight.  


Had a little practice and clearly she was still awesome. I wasn't however, still the piece of advice that would fix everything was only a few days away!

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  1. Aww it sounds to me like you're being a little harsh on yourself! Hopefully things will get sorted out soon!