Thursday, August 15, 2013

XC schooling video.

I'm so sorry , not much has been happening but we have Chris Chugg coming to this weekend from Australia to hold a clinic. I hear he is tough but fair so safe to say I'm shitting myself. I'm such a sensitive little flower. So easily reduced to a quivering mess of nerves. I am for the first time in like 3 years off of my antidepressants and I'm holding steady. A bit more emotional but still chipper and doing well. I have been running and have lost a lot of the weight I piled on last year so that's good. The weekend after that we have the last of the winter shows at Manfeild and I have 3 or 4 horses to ride depending on owners and things.

Anyway her are some clips from the first of the XC schoolings we have done this winter. The pictures of Butch were from the second one, so this other one would be over a month old. Which is interesting because I can see I have definitely lost weight since then so yay for me. Body protectors are so uncomfortable! I had forgotten but was quickly reminded! I think we did a few fences around 1.05m and Connie loved it. She got bolder as she went and isn't her dishy andalusian movement so adorable! She is such a good little horse. Not orthodox or super talented and a little bit spoilt and so hard to get slim but she just tries so hard for me. I'm so happy she is currently feeling sound and good, though still too fat. She is like a small pony to keep the weight off.

This is all the more impressive because beyond a small hickstead day 4 years ago and the derby I jumped at Taupo last December the pony has never jumped any XC fences. Love her.