Sunday, October 6, 2013

RDA Gymkhana

This weekend the only ESNZ show was far far away in Te Teko so we hit a local Gymkhana instead. It's always fun to get the babies out and have a cruisey day. Well sort of cruisey. Poor Anna was in the saddle from 9am to 1.30pm without a break, and I was shuttling horses nonstop to the ring. I only took Butch because Connie isn't allowed to jump that small any more.

Photos are all credit to Belinda Pratt photography. Finally some pictures of Butch where he looks nice. Until now I have been pretty ho hum about his jumping pictures. He just looks so good at the moment, he is in full bloom and he is just so much happier this year. So the aim was to get a time fault to make sure I went slow enough, he likes to go slow. I would like to point out he does work round in his flatwork but when we are jumping i let him travel in the frame he is comfortable in, even if it isn't the prettiest. It keeps him happy.

Anyway he just did the 1.10m class and he was super. Such a good pony. Stayed nice and relaxed and I only had my one time fault. So stoked with him because I was so nervous.

Incredible back end for an OTTB.

Video of the round.


  1. Love the 4th photo of you both looking towards the next jump!

  2. AWESOME! so sloooow. Ha he tries to speed up near the end though, well done bay, he looks great and so do you. I like the Macklemore tune too..