Monday, January 27, 2014


So only two people rode her and the first to ride her brought her. I have been away for 10 days showing and in that time the money cleared and she shipped to the South Island before I got back. In a way it was nice to not have to do the emotional watch her load onto the transporter and drive away. Apparently the transporter loved her cruisy nature and so far they have no complaints about her. They shouldn't she is a good pony. She has gone to a lovely girl who wants to do some lower level eventing up to pre-novice and showjumping up to 1.10m. I'm so worried she will disgrace herself but she is a horse she can occasionally be naughty and I'm sure they realise it. The girl was a nice effective rider and she already loves her.

The other woman was slightly mad and said she had a clicky fetlock and that her lateral cartilages are such that in the next 2 to 10 years she will break down. To be fair she had 32 x-rays in her vet check and in a sport horse that has competed to her level and has a slightly clubby foot her joints were magnificent. I have always looked after her though and not thrashed her when she wasn't fit. 

It's not the same with her missing and I'm really questioning my goals and things now. That being said not being in a hand to mouth existence is such a relief. The financial vice was starting to really tell on me. What the future holds who knows, but it wont be boring. 

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