Tuesday, February 11, 2014

We suck as breeders

Of the four times we have had mares scanned in foal, only one of those foals has made it to beyond 10 years and that was Connie. I got the really sad news today that Bill has had some form of OCD/bone cyst type drama, (I didn't really get the full jist) where a ligament or cartilage that was meant to harden into bone hasn't in her stifle/pelvis and she needs to be put down. After 9 sound years, and a full seasons hunting, she was only being hacked through the summer when it fractured. She can't carry the weight of a foal and so that's all. Massive condolences to her owner who just loved her to pieces and gave her the most fantastic home. She has had a fantastic life ts just been far far to short.

No more breeding a 25% attrition rate isn't good.