Thursday, March 27, 2014

Interesting post title

From my eventing days in the distant past.

Ha see what I did there. I wish more interesting things were happening but the craziest thing I have done this week is ride in a dressage saddle. And thats weird. So weird. After 9 years of knee rolls and short stirrups, it was completely bizarre. I think Butch liked it though he felt super light and loose. Interestingly I found a real weak point in my horse and it really ties into my thinking that he is tighter along his right hand side and this is where stickiness turning left comes from this. When I asked for haunches in to the left, Butchly had a tantrum complete with kicking at my leg. Never had that before. I think more lateral work and bending will help with this.

Otherwise he seems quite sound. Maybe not 100% on a small circle turning right, there is a little shortness in his stride with no head nod, and trotting done the tarseal he feels really good. It's hard because when you are looking for something, every funny stride is like OMG he is LAME! He will never be sound!! Woe woe! But with Butch funny steps happen a lot, as he is a baby giraffe. You are all welcome to come have a ride so you can feel it for yourself.

Anyway, I have entered for Northern Hawkesbay and I did upgrade to the pre-novice. The dressage test will suit him better than the training test, anyway, he is scopey as hell, 1.05m is nothing for him and I'm a good enough rider to cope with the technical questions. I hope! Gotta keep pushing eh! I really want to qualify for the 3DE in May and I need two scores, so I might as well have a crack at it. I can always downgrade for the next show, or at this show if in the lead up I feel he isn't ready. I just need to nut up and stop being a coward. Hoping I don't have a rail in the SJing that would be a bit lame! The field is pretty intimidating with lots of professionals, but hey someone has to come last!


  1. Look at Cruise absolutely fire himself into the water.. bloody hell. Could have popped in but noooo.
    Yay sound..
    yay more lateral work.
    Yay Kim moving home next year so we can ride together sometimes again.
    I did see what you did there... haha

  2. lol have been reading your blog for a while now, (nice to read about an NZer) never recognised you till this pic :) going back a few years!