Friday, May 30, 2014

Holidays for everyone!

So currently I am in Rarotonga with the last of the money from Connie for the island holiday I promised I would have. It's much much poorer than I thought over here but it's so beautiful and warm and the people are delightful. I would highly recommend it to anyone even though I have gotten quite fat. Butch is on holiday too as of my leaving date a week ago and I'm told he is doing fine. I was just starting to feel like even though the hunting was freshining him up his body was tired and he soft tissue needed a rest. I have a ringer coming in for the rest of hunting whom shows up at the start of this blg so that should be interesting. I still am dearly missing the big scopey ahpwjper of my dreams but being unemployed my options are severely limited. I didn't realise with my education I would struggle so much to get a job but here it is. Life is a kick in the cock sometimes and I have made a hash of it. Sorry I'm not sober love you all on my last night in the beautiful Cook Islands x.

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  1. Well,m sounds like you're having fun on holidays!!