Sunday, August 17, 2014


So Winter has turned up with a hiss and a roar with lots of cold wind and so so so much rain. Everything is soggy. It's hard finding the balance between conserving the grass I have, without having the cattle on so long they damage the pasture by pugging the soil. Bloody steers. The horses are good, stabled at nights and Butch always beats me to his box. Cute little sausage. He has such a big personality compared to when I first got him, he loves nose kisses and hugs. He feels decidedly ordinary under saddle. The front right issue is still there, so I'll get his coffin joint redone next week hopefully. Had a little jump today and he feels fantastic and his brain seems so much more settled this year. Still I don't know how long he will stay manageably sound to compete. Still it's early days yet and he isn't terribly fit.

Tsar has had a haircut and is picking up.They have also both had their teeth done and Tsar was qite sharp. He is so light mouthed I might switch him to a happy mouth bit. I have to get him travelling. In my lesson today the canter I need to make the strides feels super zoomy and outside the comfort zone for both of us. I think everything has been kept too quiet and safe and he hasn't developed a twelve foot canter. Laziest ex racehorse ever. More updates to follow I have to go to bed, I'm exhausted.

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