Wednesday, October 14, 2015


So here we have a video of my horse doing a few jumps with me. I left the talking in at the start because it makes me laugh. The first clips are in my saddle and the final two down the grid are in his old owners saddle. The video is crap but if you think he looks happier I'd love to know. You can see he is hotter in the cross country clip. He's very different to ride out in public. I wish I had some clips of the bucking and stuff he was doing. I really like this horse though. He was still a little off on the lunge tonight and so he won't be at the show on Saturday. He must have heard me say the word show.  Bugger.

Still there are shows on both the following weekends close to home so there's no rush. It's just a great show to start at without too much atmosphere and stuff 


  1. hm the video doesn't seem to work for me. bummer that he's still a little off tho