Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Still missing you

There is a update or two coming in regards to the horse trial with tsar and it was absolutely a mixed bag and I was sorely tested as a rider! As far as lead ups to an event go it went about as badly as I have ever had when he got grass affected a week out.

I think maybe it was the fact that the horse trial just been was the last event I ever ran Butch at and the weather was so horrendous and one shoe was barely holding onto his brittle munted feet and I couldn't stud the fronts because it would put extra strain on them. I have never wanted so badly to pull up cross country as my fingers were frozen around the reins ( it must have run earlier in the season because he's been gone for more than a year) but despite everything against him, his little sharp ears were hard pricked and he just rolled along jumping perfectly out of stride. His long ewe neck and awkward baby giraffe gait almost haunts me. I can recall whole courses stride for stride. I have ridden some super horses that I loved dearly I would never have believed that this awkward munted Orange horse would still hold such a huge piece of my heart.

Sorry buddy.