Tuesday, March 1, 2016

We all fall down

So I managed to have two falls in a week after having not fallen for about two years. Both of them were both bail outs on horses that kept bucking so that was better at least I landed on my feet or knees. As opposed to face or back which tend to be my personal favourites particularly if there is a jump to sprawl over. Only once was off of my horse and despite the neat on the feet after a rotation landing it was a somewhat terrifying prospect. He's been off most of the summer being nqr in the right front and I have been getting the money together to get him properly vetted which is harder than you think this time of the year. I'm not sure whether I get the physio and keep working him or the vet and get to the bottom of it. He needs his shoes reset and then I'll see how he is looking. He always stumbles over the right front and he's getting quite dangerous. Once he very nearly went down and other times he will stumble and fling himself into a fit of bucking- hence the unplanned exit. And we were getting some height and he wasn't planning on stopping. The problem with athletic horses is that they are always athletic whether they are being bad or good.

The farrier is talking about pulling his break over back so it will be interesting to see if that helps with his stumbling.

On other news I do at least have a new project pony and it's one I even rode on my brief stint as a track rider and he seems like a total dude very brave, quite smart and sassy, and one of the nicest movers around. He does windsuck and is a total piglet but so far I really like his brain. He is totally blown away by my friends grey horse though which makes me laugh. He's staying there for a week because she has an arena and I have a huge open paddock and that doesn't seem like the best option for an ottb starting out. He's only five and the owner is in no rush to sell so I'm a bit excited to get going again. Life is pretty good but my head is pretty bad like all the bad stuff I haven't dealt with, I'm processing now with time to think about it now things have slowed down. And my polo ponies were sold 😕 I didn't realise I was so attached!! So quite a lot going on horse wise and some big decisions to make regarding a $10 horse. 


  1. good luck getting to the bottom of the lameness - that stumbling sounds a little... nerve wracking! also the new ottb prospect sounds exciting, hope you two have a lot of fun!

  2. The stumbling would concern me. Not to scare you, but two horses at my barn had issues with stumbling, among other symptoms, and the diagnoses ended up quite serious. Best of luck with your new project!

  3. Ugh I hate when horses trip. Glad you are okay from teh falls.