Thursday, August 6, 2009

The Fees are Discouraging

Sigh, I wrote out a big fat check for Equestrian Sports New Zealand. $441 that gives me the right to show above 95cm, on Connie and Kate, with only Connie being registered for both Showjumping and Showhunter. I also get a subscription to the bulletin which has all the show schedules. I still need to buy three sets of numbers for the new fangled numbering system they are bringing in, in which all horses must be numbered at all times while on the showgrounds. It could be worse I guess, it could be like dressage where stallion riders now have to wear sashes as well as stallion tags.

One of the beauties of NZ is that I literally can afford to ride here, and until now do the riding I have wanted to do. Frankly though, I'm starting to struggle at all. the somewhat recent more than doubling of my farrier bill after I changed farriers, as well as all of ESNZs price increases (12% per year, for the next three years) are starting to put the pinch on. Currenty the horses are just gatting pasture and hay because the lower I can keep the feed bill the more likely it is tht my parents will keep helping with it. And I have so many things to buy before the season starts again- wraps, bandages, buckets (All of mine died over the winter) so many little bits and pieces that are seriously going to hurt the horse account, which is slim pickings as it is.

I have been in the last few days pondering whether or not I should be bothering. If I can't afford to do the riding I want, should I continue to sink these vast sums of money into it? I made $28,000 last year, with free accomodation and food for myself and free grazing for the ponies (God bless living at home). You know how much I have in savings?? $37. Thats not very good I don't think. The next thing I start saving for is the trip to Nationals in the South Island which I'll need $3000 minimum for by February. I guess luckily I haven't done any clinics and saved myself from spending like $1500.

On the up side we have started calving and this is when I make the real money because my hours increase so dramatically because calving is hell on wheels. We have 90 cows due to calve in the next 10 days O_O. Still my parents are very good about giving me time in the middle of the day to ride and both Connie and Kate were so good, it really made the money seem meaningless. I'm such a mug. Kate is such a joy to ride, having an older horse to ride again is amazing and Connie is really growing into herself. I'm doing a lot of flexing of Connies neck as we hack around, trying to free up her neck from her shoulders.

Still I think te time is coming when even here, equestrian competition is going to become the plaything of the wealthy, especially in times of recession such as this. I'm very curious to see what entries are like. Last year was entries up everywhere we went, but I would be very surprised if the same is true now.

Pukahu show on the 12th and 13th in Hastings. Do I go or not? Probably just be doing the baby classes on both my girls the old 90cm and 1m. No rush with Kate just want to get to know her. I'm sure we will move up fairly quickly.


  1. It gets a bit depressing, doesn't it. I think someone mentioned the other day around $80 to do a TRAINING level horse trials eventing start in Auckland, on one horse! Insane.

    I decided last season that travelling more than 3 hours each way is just too expensive & too much time off work (I was working fulltime). There was still something every weekend for me to go to, but sometimes just local shows, and not the registered stuff - it's still fun, but not the same as following the circuit.

  2. $80!!! I feel better already! There isn't as much locally as there used to be sadly. Spring show, solway ODE, hickstead and gladstone sports are all on the calender. Still that means I will have to go cross country. Who can say how that will go haha!

  3. Showing is expensive - but if you get what you want out of it then go for it! I used to show a lot - 3 horses - and that sure was expensive - don't really show much at all anymore although I'm going this morning to watch my daughter show a horse she's been working with and is hoping to sell.