Monday, July 12, 2010

Counting down to the season start again.

I feel so much more optimistic about this season than the previous two, so hopefully that feeling will lead to something good. The horses feel good and fit and happy. I may have finally got my saddle issues sorted. I'm still not sure the county is the best fit for Connie, but my goodness that is a comfortable saddle. I love it to ride in and I'm looking forward to jumping in it next weekend at the Showjumping practice day at Tielcey Park. Hopefully this time they have all their lines rideable hey!

Since the clinic I have been working really hard on my flatwork, schooling every time I get the opportunity though this is dependent on ground conditions. Thankfully the ground is soft enough that it's ok. I don't want to sour the horses but seeing as they only really have to do what I want for an hour a day 3 days a week I'm probably ok. Kate especially is starting to figure out what I want and be a lot kinder and softer to ride. I have even had to add spurs! Which she protests about sometimes but if she isn't going to listen thats her problem. They are only roller ball spurs so it's not like they are sharp.

I have been working really hard on Rascal but progress is slow with her. I have realised one thing though, in an epiphany I achieved riding her up from the paddock bareback in a halter, is that she feels like a little wee pony that I am a bit perched on. I don't know why she is a solid 16hh though a little short necked. Kate though is a solid 16.2hh and a huge mover and Connie is much the same. It's better if I ride Rascal first to avoid more direct comparisons because going from Kate to Rascal is like going from a sports car to a little old Honda City. Poor Rascal. Though I'm sure as she gets stronger and stronger that will only improve.

Bills leg had gotten very swollen but has come down again for no real reason. The Vet gave her antibiotics but she didn't really respond to those. I guess it was swelling due to the soft tissue injury. Regardless, she looks really good and I'm tempted to chuck her on the truck and let her have a look around at the practice day. I probably wouldn't ride her but it would be great for her to see everything that her future will entail. Better teach her to load on the truck first :) She hasn't been on since she was a two year old. Ahh grand, I guess if I can get riding her again I might be able to take her along to the clinic at the end of the month and have a ride on her then.

Tomorrow morning it will probably be -5 degrees celcius. So please think of me shivering my butt off milking the cows just on dawn while you Northern Hemisphere dwellers have summer. Brrr! Still at least if it's a frost it will be a nice day and I can get more riding done.


  1. I know what you mean about switching horses and how different they feel - my Maisie is big, and long, with a long neck, and Dawn is smaller, compact, and with a short neck - completely different feel. Stay warm!

  2. I just test rode in a County jumping saddle for my trainer on a giant 17h mare in Virginia...and event prospect that rides like a sports car...that saddle is the most comfortable thing I have ever ridden in (and it fits the horse she needs it for back here in NJ), though I prefer a more close contact saddle something about the County is soooo nice! I forgot that it's winter where you are right now!

  3. Good luck for the next show season! I hope that Bill's leg gets better! I always love reading!

  4. It's like sweet revenge. Remember, you had fabulous summer the whole time we were freezing. ;-)

  5. Ah, I do love a nice County saddle! Lucky! I hope it works out for you!