Thursday, July 1, 2010


A Kim and Bill lovefest.

I took Bill and Rascal over to Valley View Stables to work on their arena. This is Bills first work session since her injury and she seems very sound on her sore leg and she coped pretty well seeing as it's her first time on a surface and her first time in a new place.

She was most shocked to see that other horses exist in the world, having never been away from the farm before. Kim lunged her while I rode Rascal. Lucky for me Valley View is just across the farm so I ride over and ponied Bill.

Her leg is healing so well!

Rascal was also really good, she is really starting to get there in the walk and trot but her canter is still very weak, especially to the left so it's hillwork tomorrow. Still she is making very definite progress in the right direction.

I can't resist a Cavaletti! Even in a flatwork session

Heading home


  1. Looks like a great day - love the picture at the end!

  2. That is so cool. You make NZ sound like a horsey paradise. Is it?

  3. Ha yes and no. I think there are a real lack of good instructors and kids aren't getting enough really solid basics. There is also a lack of facilities, but then there is so much beautiful country to ride across, the weather is mostly pretty good and the shows are much cheaper than overseas, which is good. I know I couldn't afford to do what I do here in any other country. As a negative though, because it's small everyone knows your business as well. Still I love it, NZ will always be home for me