Sunday, September 26, 2010

Feilding Show. It's bitter-sweet.

I have pictures coming but I don't know when I'll so you will just have to cool your jets.

Anyway, we opted to only do one day of this show to save on the huge costs of yarding etc etc. The entries really are quite expensive at these Feilding shows. That and it was my friends birthday on Friday and we had to celebrate and I ended up working on Saturday anyway. So par for the course of this Spring it was pissing down at home with horizontal rain, but once we arrived it wasn't as bad and really there were only a few showers and at one point the sun even came out. We were parked on the car park though because the ground was so wet and there was actually nowhere to warm up properly which was very average. They did have a fence in the actual arena that you could pop over before starting but nowhere to have a nice trot and canter. Though I found a patch that was less wet to do that in. People in the indoor had a warm-up in there.

Kate was in the 1m and the 1.05m class. I would have been tempted to do the 1.10m but for our first show, and with Kate being a huge spook I wasn't that keen to do the 1.10m in the indoor lol. Anyway, The 1m class was a speed class and I did actually go for it which was nice. I don't have much control in the rubber snaffle she is in, but she doesn't bounce and bound in it. I'm never going to have super smooth rounds on Kate because she is hot so there no point worrying too much about the odd bound anyway. So it wasn't too bad, lacked a bit of flow and at one point I nearly got launched when I got her a bit deep and she just jumped huge, but it was certainly a fun round. by the end of the round I had some flow going and had a really nice run over the last three fences despite the tight lines. Kate was second in this which was nice.

I'm not sure they actually put the fences up for the 1.05m which seems a bit of a shame because a big 1.05m would have set me up quite nicely for 1.10m next week. She started out a bit sore over the foot she had the abscess in which sucks because she has been so so so sound lately. She did warm up out of it really quickly, and felt awesome over the practice fence. I would have most definitely pulled her from the class if this hadn't been the case. This time it was a round with an instant jump-off. clear in the first round which I was rapt about and then in the jump off i pushed her again. At one point I was coming in on a really tight angle and I can remember thinking that I had to trust her. Still it came off and she was double clear and was second in that class as well.

The bitter-sweet is that she is quite sore today and I guess some of the lime from the surface has irritated the old abscess site. I'm going to get a pad on that foot again in hopes of getting her sound for this trip away. Maybe it's mean but I have to try and get her sound. In somewhat happier news, Connie is improving soooo fast so I might take her away as well and even if she misses Woodhill there is always the other later shows, Connie is much less of a sook than Kate, she is tough and mean like me haha! Bill had a swollen leg today and another abscess burst which sucks for her and it did for me too when she was not keen to have some antibiotics. I had to twitch her in the end which worked perfectly, but when I went to put her cover on tonight, she wouldn't have a bar of me, so clearly I'm in the dogbox. Her problem though, she is the one with no cover on.


  1. Ah fielding! I wish i had known, I would have made an effort to come and support you. Sounds like you had a great day overall, its a shame about the lameness issues though. I hope you can get them sorted soon.

  2. It does seem that all the abscesses happen at the same time. Sounds like a great show though. ;-) Can't complain about two seconds. Well done.