Saturday, December 4, 2010

Ticking along

So I have been riding and ticking along. Desperately need some rain soon, but not much I can do about that. Connie I have worked twice since the clinic where we found she has jarred up and she feels pretty good so hopefully that continues. To help with the jarring up I want to work her in the river 2-3 times a week. Unfortunately my swimming hole has gotten very shallow but upstream I found a section with a sand base that's about 40m long and over chest deep so we wade up and down there. I don't know if it will even work but it's great resistance training and she loves splashing. I wore a face full of water once when she got very accurate with her splashing.

Bill had her first proper steep hill ride to the top of the farm and deported herself very well, especially as there were plenty of motorbikes on the road and the like. They are going really well, all things considered. Hopefully a show for Rascal and Bill next weekend. Then it's Taupo Christmas Classic with Connie and Kate. My health is slowly recovering and it's all sort of coming together.


  1. Any chance of a posting on your long term plans? Remember that a goal is a dream with a deadline. Cheers.

  2. i love the taupo christmas classic, hope you guys have an amazing time there :)