Sunday, December 12, 2010


Ok so Kates swollen fetlock is a sprained ligament in the front of her back fetlock and so she is going to be out for a little while unfortunately. And she misses Taupo again. That's a real boo hiss. The swelling is starting to go down though, slowly but surely. She is a pretty unhappy mare though.

Bill has been getting plenty of work. I missed taking her to the little show because Truckie is in the garage getting some repairs on the exhaust. Still bill has been out on a road ride and a proper trek over the hills and I gave her a good ride the other day. First time I rode her in spurs but it helped her understand because it was my first day of teaching her to move off of the inside leg and into the outside hand. Once she figured out what I was asking she marched around nicely on the contact and then I did lots of trotting and cantering as well. It was the first time I ever felt the TB side of her ancestry, but she was super forward which was nice really. She is a lovely mover.

Connie feels ok. I'm not sure that she is 100%, but I'm sure she will let me know if she is happy jumping or not. And Rascal has been working quite nicely too so really bar Kates injury everything is on track.

Also Kippen, what I need know to get to the next level is mostly just ring time. Lots and lots of rounds.


  1. I will be cheering you all the way.

  2. I hope all works out better for you in the New Year! Very Merry festive season to you and all the horses!