Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A Whole Week Since I Posted

Poor poor form from me not to be posting more eh. There is honestly very little to say. I should probably do a couple of those posts where I pretend i know what I'm talking about and blather on for a while. I haven't been on a horse since the eye op. The eyes are doing amazingly I must say but I have my one week check up tomorrow and I'll know more then. I'll ride Thursday/Friday and maybe Saturday and be back hunting on Sunday. There are only three more hunts left on the calender and I want to get to them. Man I really need to start advertising Rascal but selling horses tends to be a long and painful process, especially in the winter.

I'm already so sick of the mud, but with only ten weeks until the season kicks off, I'm going to drag the old girls out of holiday mode and start getting them fit. Shoes on again tomorrow They have had over six weeks off. Connie needs time to get really really fit because she isn't a naturally forward horse. She needs to be fit so that she feels so good she just wants to go. I'm not feeling that positive about bringing Kately in. She looks sore in the paddock to me and while I think it's mostly baby TB feet with no shoes being sore, I'm concerned her knee may have worsened a lot. Still 3-4 weeks of easy fittening work- walking and trotting- and I'll know how sound she is and then take her back to the vet. I'd be rapt if we can get her sound again really really rapt because she is a hella fun horse when she is on form.

There is no training clinics organised this winter which is a bit average but hopefully something will come up soon because you just get sloppy without lessons. Then I'll need to start taking these guys to an arena once a week to really get them fit. I really really really want to get Bill going. How frustrating is a week without riding?? I think I'm just going stir crazy. I didn't even get to see them for a few days after the surgery to protect my eyes from dust and hay particles. It's madness, I missed them so much. I don't think they particularly missed me because their hay arrived on time and they seem to mostly care about that. Maybe they would love me more if I didn't make them compete haha. They do seem to quite enjoy it though. Connie who misses her flying changes pretty much constantly doesn't do that in the ring.

Do you think I could do it? Really do it. Jump a grand prix. Surely all you need is the right horse, that one horse you are bonded to that is a super talented animal. I wonder how long before I throw my leg over that animal if ever. It seems impossible almost like to big of a dream, but I'll keep working. I have to believe that the work is enough, that eventually it will fall into place and be worthwhile.


  1. I would say that special horse is looking for you too...who knows, it may be sitting right there in your pasture waiting for the right moment to shine. I think you have such a great attitude toward your horses and what you expect out of them and yourself. It's only a matter of time.

  2. Glad you're recovering well. Going a week without riding is nutty, but I guess for the best.

    Your winters are awfully short... lucky you. ;-)