Tuesday, May 8, 2012


I'm sorry I haven't been around all that much, there hasn't been much really to say. Billo was jumping out of her little tape yard and stuffing her face with grass and then bucked me off when I rode her and she was so full of beans she went on the gallop and buck and play for another good 10 minutes. I must say I was very patient and waited quite calmly and only threw my whip at her once. Then I lunged her and then I rode the living snot out of her and she is now living on what is basically a dirt lot with a sliver of grass everyday and a lot of hay and a very high fibre feed. She has been pretty good ever since, but it has been a knock to my confidence. Now I'm struggling with daylight as winter closes in it's harder and harder to get quality rides in. I think I have found the bit for the big horse I'm hunting. It's just a running gag and he was light as a feather in it. There is an awesome hunt this weekend because it's on my aunties property and it's the most beautiful piece of land. I feel a bit like a hamster at the moment, running my little legs off but not making any progress. I want to organise a lesson with Bill and I'm looking to get another job which suits me better and makes the most of my Science knowledge. I'm a little wasted on the shop floor if I do say so myself. I wish I was more confident, I have such huge doubts. Right now the big one is am I even good enough to produce Bill into the horse she has the potential to be. Sorry it's so short hopefully more interesting things will happen soon.

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  1. Nothing like a dry lot to get her to chill out. You'll get your bearings again.