Wednesday, April 25, 2012

A hunt picture!

Here is a picture from Opening hunt with the big fella Blue.
Yes that is a gin in my hand, but it's hunting it's what you do, you gallop, jump and drink. Thayts why nit's so awesome. Bill bucked me off yesterday, landed on my feet and then watched as she galloped around the paddock bucking and playing for about 10 mins, then lunged her for 20 and rode her for 20 until she was just running with sweat from every part of her body and behaving perfectly, but Damn. A really good reminder of why if your horse is jumping out onto dairy cow paddocks you need to lunge your horse before you ride it because it will be on the mean sugar high. Needless to say she is on a dirt lot behind a double tape seeing as she thinks jumping a single tape is sooo cool. I hate falling, it's hard on the confidence and in this instance the ankles.

1 comment:

  1. The huting pic is awesome. I love it!

    :( My sympathies on the fall. That is no fun at all.