Monday, April 8, 2013

Current Adventures

I'm really sorry to have not been updating much. To be honest I have been very very busy. The grape harvest is on in the vineyards and I'm working for one of the crews to make money for next season, we have three breakers on the go and we have had two hunts. Butch has been a master on the hunt field though possibly too scopey and sure of himself. Last weekend he left a stride out across a laneway and jumped out over the post. Hunting is for maniacs which must be why I love it.

The breakers are all coming along nicely. One is hacking walk and trot, the other is walk trot in the open and the third was properly backed for the first time today. I'm mostly riding one called Brigadoon who is very nicely bred and should be a nice horse one day. He tries really hard and thinks things through so we should be ok.

Grape picking is no where near as awesome as drinking wine. It's murder on your back but only 10 days left, though the worst is to come because the Kupe you pick on your hands and knees. Still needs must. Hope everyone is well and that. Butch is insanely awesome, hacked him bareback today with one of the breakers and he was as cool as can be. I however need to practice my bareback.


  1. I only ever hunted second flight, too much of a chicken for the big jumps :) Hope your back gets through grape picking in one piece!

  2. hi! This is such a cool blog! I am curious if you could send me a link if you have anything on GREEN JUMPERS. We have a pony (heartless little bastard :P) And he started jumping last month. He is doing well. He jumped like 0.75m, we would like to get him to one meter, any advice?
    Thanks for your help.