Tuesday, April 30, 2013


Old photo from when I was riding Butch as a 7yo- look how little the jumps are!

Cursed cursed bad luck! Butch is still lame, I still have no idea why. The farrier went over his princess foot with a fine tooth comb and couldn't find anything. It's a mystery lameness and those are the worst kind because they are expensive. But he is way lame, like my boss said even a moron could tell he is lame.

The thing is he has a strong pulse running down to his foot which indicates a foot issue, but he doesn't respond to the testers at all, anywhere. He has no heat, no swelling and it doesn't behave like a soft tissue injury. So he jumped the weekend at Manfield. The next day he was a little lame and his shoe had twisted on his bad foot a little bit. That was the foot that had been poorly shod making him not want to jump and leading to his arrival back here and into my ownership. He is a little thin soled on his front feet and there is some bruising, but he doesn't have a reaction to the testers on his bruises at all. Apparently his foot landing is fine too. So I whipped the shoe off and he improved though after his shoes were reset he was still a little off but improving. Had a short schooling ride and he was a little sore so mostly did walk work and stretches.

He continued to improve, took him for a walk hack around the roads about 800m mostly on the verges and the next day he was very lame and has stayed that way/worsened ever since. I just don't know whats going on with him and it sucks not having one of my own horses going. I will need to sell some old gear to pay for the vet. :( Nevermind. Horses man, such bringer downers. The really good master farrier is going to have a look on Friday and then I imagine he will be mystified and I'll take him over to the good vets. Boo.


  1. Hopefully you find out what it is without it costing too much!

  2. EEek, Mystery lameness is the worst. Hope you figure something out!