Sunday, September 22, 2013

Feilding IA and P Assn 1* Show.

So we only went over for the one day at this show to save money and because there were a bunch of jobs that had to be done on Saturday like moving the colts. So my first class was the 1.10m championsip on Butch and he was so amazing. I had a lesson on Friday the primary theme being, sit on him quiet, keep him insanely slow and get him there relaxed. Normally he is terrible from a deep distance but if I get there slow he is better and he actually jumps in a round shape. This round was definitely the slowest I have ever jumped him. It feels like I could get off and out walk his canter it's probably the right canter. He is so much stronger and better able to hold his canter now he isn't falling behind the leg the same. It would be the first time ever that he finished his round basically as quietly as he started and he stayed so soft.

Cpnnie did not rear or buck in the warm up of the amateur (1.10m-1.20) Though only the first fence was really 1.10m it was big for an amateur. She was a little bit naughty backing off of the the wall and then I hit her at the next fence and put her through the rail but after she had backed off I had to ride a little aggressively to make sure it was a one off. The rail in the double she didn't need to take. So here is connie. She wont blow your mind because she is just a bare minimum sort of a girl but I was still happy with her.  It was nice to actually get into the ring on her and they both jumped well enough.

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  1. Your horse look good and you have a nice blog and the reading of language skills is a good exercise, because I live in Finland :)