Monday, September 16, 2013

Sometimes you are the windshield and sometimes you are the bug

Pukahu show. Debacle. Normally I have an okay show here but not this weekend. I wanted it to go well to much probably and should have been more chilled. I don't know I put so much pressure on myself but ultimately who really cares. I'm only riding against myself at the end of the day. Anyways, On the Thursday night before the show good old Butch kicked through the fence and hurt himself. I took him to the show anyway because he only really had some bark off, but being in a yard the swelling increased even when I did hack him so he didn't start all weekend. I really thought the orange bandage would blend right in to his coat but it didn't!

In Connies first class she hit the warm up and bucked and reared so much I went back to lunge her. I don't mind the bucking so much but the continuous rearing scares me. The only times I have really falling off her have been from her rearing and falling. Anyway the class was closed before I could get there. Cue 30 minutes of lunging until she went from zoomies to cantering and then another 20 mins of riding and I had my horse back. I jumped her in Butchs place in the 1.10m class and had a cheap rail though I could have been straighter and a circle before the double but I don't feel I rode as well as I could thouh I was still really really mad at her. She looks awesome though her condition is fantastic. No wonder she is feeling so well. 

On the Sunday she came out and had a slightly puffy fetlock and was lame. Boo and hiss my friends so she didn't start on the Sunday and I got to watch both my horses sit in their yards all day. Thankfully my bosses horses went well enough that there was plenty to be cheerful about. Also both Butch and Connie look a lot better today with no swelling. Thank goodness for small mercies. 


  1. Haha! shit the bed. I remember crazy zoom zoom connie.. did she get her tail in the air and get snorty? what are you feeding her? Glad they are both better now. Could have been worse. Looks like miserable weather for it!
    Can't wait for the next post. Well done Anna and Princess. Oh and woah Earl is doing 1.30's! impressed, Rose must be loving it.

  2. Unfurtunately bad days come with the good, I like to think of them as character building and allowing us to better appreciate the good days - or rather that is what I try to tell myself...I don't always think of it at the time though!
    Kika went through a rearing phase and has been known to revisit it - latest episode was this summer, but that was the first time in about a year I'd say. HATE rearing in horses, don3t like feeling so out of control waiting for them to come back to ground, eurgh! Glad she settled and that you got to jump one day - pity about the nicks and scratches but glad they are both feeling better. *big-hug*