Sunday, June 8, 2014

Kate is back, back again

Being myself, and therefore, somewhat madcap it's not unusual for me to come up with madcap plans and I have had a doozey this time. I really want a horse to putter around with and maybe catch the last few hunts with her if I take easy obviously. Im not about to start thrashing an unfit horse around. She does have some minor arthritis issues in one knee but with hunting on the soft winter ground, over spars that are quite small I don't think it will be such an issue and I can use small doses of bute to keep her comfortable if it turns out she needs it,

She looks really well, not too fat and living on the side of a hill and having been super fit before for hunting in previous years and being a TB her base level of fitness shouldn't be too bad. Of course I have had her for a week and I have yet to sit on her because her foal was actually still feeding off of her and she had a surprising amount of milk on so she has been up on the side of the hill with Butch drying off, and she has had shoes put on and a iodine bath and a worm so I doubt that we are friends at this point.

I'm farm sitting for three months and I'll bring her down here tomorrow hopefully though the forecast is pretty ordinary. I should get her a corset for her mumma tummy. Though she badly badly needs a caslick after having torn some while having her foal and now she sounds loose as, to the point that she probably isn't rideable but the vet appointment is tomorrow at 2.30. What was supposed to be a get an older horse whom has hunted and pick up the tail end of the season has turned into a very expensive exercise. Curses! Though Kate is enjoying being far far away from her baby and it does give me something to do for the next little while.

I also have a very cheeky little schooler coming in as well so that will be interesting. So I'm finding unemployment very very busy.

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