Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Wairarapa A and P

Its hardly been a secret that with my terrible October, I have been struggling to ride, and old Tsar hasn't been getting the work he needs. I entered a show and then basically scratched because I got called into work, which is sad because I missed the show but good because I'm desperate for money. I sort of used my partner as a back stop financially and now I'm on my own so oops on that one. And I lost the polo ponies I work which would have covered my rent so things got tight really fast. That and I want to be a social butterfly, though after the next two weekends it might be time for a detox. 

I have moved Tsar from the grazing he was at to my old bosses place because I need her help to get motivated. And brave. I have never in my life been less excited to ride, even when I broke all the bones in my hand I was on a horse two weeks after surgery, while at the moment I would walk away from horses all together I think. Still I have Tsar and he is the sweetest natured horse and a real chatty Cathy. Anyways, I dragged him to a show to jump around the 80cm class having had not much work and only having jumped two cross bars beforehand.

Got to the show and it was blowing an absolute gale, terrible weather for a green horse that hadn't had much work. I was all like I'll leave it. And hen I walked the course and was like I'll get my boss to ride him. She then totally reverse psychologied me and I found myself warming up and then jumping the warm up fences and then I was like screw it lets go. Once I got in the ring it was easier because he was naughty so getting around was the only goal and I didnt have to worry about it being smooth because it wasn't going to happen. He was super zoomy towards the gate, then falling behind the leg away from the gate, but he jumped clear and couple of times gave me a lovely feeling in the air. Got the strides in the double and the related line, which is good because he can be tight striding and that would be limiting to his scope. If anything he is a little too aggressive in his lines.

My old boss reckons I'd be crazy to sell him so I'll keep playing with him and see how we go. Wouldn't it be a head trip if my cheapest horse turns out to be my best? I enjoyed being back in the ring and it was a tiny thing, but I did and that felt good. Now I just need this southerly to clear so I can get riding again.  


  1. I think that a lot of the times the cheapest ones become the best. It's almost like they have to prove themselves more, so they do. Anyway, I'm glad you got to show again and that it went well even with the crappy weather.

  2. I'm happy you are back in the saddle and that you got to show

  3. Glad you made it out to a show and had a good time :)

  4. Beckz we need an update! How is Tsar? How are you? Love your blog - been a longtime reader. Just now figuring out the whole gmail/blogger thing,