Thursday, December 11, 2014

Updates are a long time coming

 Castlepoint Beach on the stunning Erl

While life isn't peachy keen and I'm struggling to make my income fit my expenditure (I need to alter my standard of living- definitely eating out/drinking too much) I still really dont want a 9-5 job. Part of it is I love the variety my life has now, and I have the freedom to block out days as I please for adventures that I cant really afford. It's just a bit hard in the lean times, when work isn't coming in. I should really get a third job :/  Still last week my old boss and I had a day blocked out to go for a hoon at the beach. It's the prettiest spot in the world I think, and was always the beach I went to for holidays as a child. It was a stunning day.

Erl wasn't that convinced it was safe, but you can bully Erl into doing things easily enough so we had quite a good paddle in the ocean and a couple of really good canters. That is the greatest feeling in the world isn't it?? The sheer raw power of sitting on a powerful horse, racing down the sand forever, it's magic, it makes the blood sing in your veins. That would be my most exciting horsey adventure for a long time.

 Tsar is looking and feeling fantastic. He is making leaps and bounds on being more in front of the leg and travelling straighter and falling in and out less on his turns. I really want to start getting him out and about more though hacking wise. I am still finding my motivation to jump pretty low. He went to the CHB A and P show and he jumped the 90cm clean the first day, though was fairly erratic between the fences, inconsistent in speed and had a few bucks. He gets so forward in the ring and he is so lazy at home, that it means I'm not training the whoa enough at home for it to be consistent and smooth. I am working really hard on schooling him hot. The next day the winds were really high and he was pretty frantic, jumped clean but wasnt getting up into the air as much, then fences 9 and 10 blew down as well at the jump crews gazebo so I retired, especially as he had jumped quieter and softer over 7 and 8.

Its quite cool that he is such a cool friendly pony that I really enjoy but that has some real potential. Though the National jumping federation are being a bunch of dickheads so I'm loathe to register him and start competing. Might do a local sports day this weekend if the weather is ok. He is a pretty special pony and he may have turned up in my life just when I needed him. I am prety nervous to jump though, I need to do more training.

Crossing the cows at work! Who wouldn't want this job, and the crews are work with are so much fun, so we will soldier on and hopefully shit gets a bit easier. I'm not sure how much the below pic applies but it cracks me up :)


  1. Good to hear from you, glad you're having fun.

  2. Tsar looks amazing! What a difference.

    Riding on the beach = on my bucket list. I'm taking my boy for sure, once the weather gets back above 0 degrees celcius.

  3. Beach ride looks awesome! It is great to live vicariously through all of you horsey bloggers enjoying summer in the Southern Hemisphere right now...