Sunday, May 3, 2015

Still Alive

Charlie horse

Sorry for the huge length of time since I last updated this. So much has happened since last time, mostly personally because actually nothing else has changed. I am finally starting to get back my will to ride. Helped by the return of Charlie who showed up for a while last Winter. And seeing as I'm down there working him with financial incentives, my own horse is getting ridden as well. I was pretty convinced I was going to sell him, but then I start riding Tsar and I remember that he is a really nice horse and he can really operate and then I'm in two minds again. There is a lot of unregistered lower level dressage and showjumping this Winter just down the road, and Charlie is on the market and needs exposure. That should help with some goal setting. 

Kimmy riding Tsar
So the first thing coming up is Dressage, Charlie can do a training test and one level 1 test and Tsar can do both the level 1 tests. I see that as a local rider I have to provide some man power which always niggles me a bit. I'm not affiliated with the group at all and I feel that to be forced into helping is a little offputting. I understand that these days run on volunterrs and blah blah blah but at least let me get a taste for it before putting me to work?? I'm so bad at dressage anyway, I get in the ring and ride like a monkey. 

So much fail in this video?!!! Blah, what are my hands doing. Shorten your reins Bex for the love of jeebers, Cocked  wrists low hands, round shoulders, its all pretty unattractive, but then I haven't had a lesson since last Winter. At least my back and seat are still quite supple. How cute is Tsar!? He feels so good now the drought has broken and some of the sting has gone out of the ground. Pretty excited/nervous to do some jumping again. Now that the financial pressure has eased some we should be able to have a really good time this Winter. So yea I'm back, and I'll blog more.


  1. YAY! you are back. More posts, pleeeaassseeee!

  2. Moooore posts! yay for making a cameo haha xx