Monday, February 16, 2015

Doing the bare minimum

Jumping like a boss for a long time! I'm not sure how old I am here, but that pony is only 13.3hh and he looks huge, so I'm guessing I'm pretty tiny. That was basically the greatest pony ever. 

As for whats been happening, I am at least working my horse, and I'm wondering if I  sell him for something more laidback and versatile. I want something I can hack about the place and that isnt always on the hunt for dragons, and so difficult once he finds them, whereas Kate is an old spook nut at least she stays rideable. He likes arenas and jumping and not the outdoors. He even has a cover on so he is feeling pretty fancy. Though, I could just make him do all the things and being a versatile pony, but I just remember Butch who would hunt, event and showjump and I know Tsar doesnt thrive on hunting, but he will maybe event?? Worth a crack I  guess, take him xc schooling anyway.

In saying that I have my first jump since like November, and while I was a bit rusty and made one bad decision which ended with me a mile off it, he felt really good. I have someone maybe trying him on the weekend, but maybe I do keep him. The little bugger can really jump. If she doesnt want him I wont be going out of my way to get him sold, I'll look at doing some winter series things. Maybe even some dressage. I really need to get a full time job, so I can pay for everything and also I think I'd like to buy a house.So that one day I can buy a farm, or something. I have a big holiday in Merica and Canada later this year, in September so that's exciting. I'd like to get a glimpse of the horsey scene while I'm over there. 

So if you dont jump for  long time, Be prepared for the revival of all your bad habits, you will slouch, and collapse in front of the fence, and lean over your hands, and take one terrible distance where you are miles off of the base because you rode up instead of letting him stay in his rhythm and get to the base. He gets round though and feels great off of the ground, sometimes he even gets loose behind and feels like there is going to be a fancy back end in there. I didn't do too much, one upright got up to 90cm but the ground is so hard I need to not do much. Once I have a the float I can get a bit more mobile which will help, because I'll travel him to arenas and save his legs. So yea dunno

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  1. Where are you visiting in Merica? There are so many different horsey scenes over here, and it varies quite a bit by region.

    If you do sell Tsar, will you buy a new horse? Do you still have Kate or was she only on loan?

    Glad you are getting some riding in!