Wednesday, April 20, 2016


Chinaman continues to exceed expectations. He's a clever cookie. Though I did have my first fall off him too. Out hunting of course in front of everyone. He's doing everything I ask of him really well and his canter is getting stronger and stronger. His trot work is already very very nice. Starting to give me a nice feeling every so often over a fence though when they go up a little he rattled them all. He is a bit lazy, it's hard to believe that he was a racehorse that they couldn't hold. He still isn't really blooming like I would like but he seems to be putting on condition again. He eats everything in sight so it's hard to believe he would have a rib showing but there you are. He has a big weekend coming up and hopefully there will be some pictures. I don't know if I'll get round the xc but we will give it a whirl. 


My little sister is competing Kate at the same event in the same class so it's heaps of fun having her getting back into it. Though she was eating kale at the hunt instead of drinking port which is weird right. 

So he actually coped really well and was totally fascinated by everything and a little bit jiggy. Which is to be expected. Had a bit of a canter and jumped three Spars really well. And then he got a bit bored standing around. There were so many hares the pack kept splitting and no one knew what to follow, so we stood a lot. Then he was a bit sticky to the next soar and then just out and out refused the next one. 

I'm rolypolying off to the right 

He's got an excellent left hand swerve. I didn't end up jumping this spar ( that's a lie because Id already jumped it technically, he didn't jump it) and was like omg I have ruined him forever but lookin back he was being quite naughty which he hasn't done with me at all. He was bored and probably a bit tired and not used to hills. We went in a bit earlier and caught the tiniest start out spar on te way home and he stopped three times! Then I switched my whip to Te left hand and have him a tong up and he jumped it huge, twisted behind and then bolted on landing. Good times. Took three goes but he finally jumped it nice and relaxed and we went home. Mad pony. Love him 


  1. Ha omg that expression of his! He's super cute and sounds like quite the character. Glad you're having fun with him!

  2. You gave me a good laugh about the kale, so strange! ;) Your horse seems like such a cool dude, good luck at the show!

  3. So glad you are having fun with him. You've had a bit of a rough go of it lately and deserve to catch a break. He's super cute - even when he's naughty!

  4. Hahaha oh my god I can't believe someone snapped him on camera as you took a tumble - hope you weren't hurt too badly. Not sure how hard the ground is out your way. He looks totally innocent!

    As soon as I hear of people eating kale I think they're either health nuts or vegetarian - kinda hoping your sis is a vegetarian too so I don't feel like the only weirdo who is all 'save the animals' but 'kinda really wanna go hunting too'... haha.

    Good luck for the weekend, put your whip in your left hand and ride hard - you know what to do more than I do but there's my 2 cents ha, hopefully the hunting has paid off and he looks at XC like it's a piece of cake.

    And quick question - did you guys get a kill? The hunt I joined in on got 3 hares in one hunt, and 2 previously so I'm starting to get a little skeptical of the "we never get kills" line hahahaha.

    1. No kills in the last couple of hunts though haven't been out for a week. Good season for hares thought here are heaps of them around