Thursday, April 7, 2016

Going forward

I've mentally started this post a number of times but haven't been able to commit to a theme. Obviously I still feel like I failed Tsar some but I have done the best by him that I can and I know I made a difficult but right decision. 

I thought that I probably wouldn't ride horses anymore but I've had China in for about six weeks and I'm blown away by his work ethic and his try. He's weak behind the saddle and has no collect in his canter but when I ask he tries and everytime he is giving me more. He loves hacking and going out and is incredibly bold and adventuring while seeming like a solid soul. He learns so quickly I need to be careful I don't push him too hard. Lots of out of the arena work. I want to make him such an all round citizen and that means exposing him to everything I can think of.

He's a nice mover and he jumps pretty goodso far. Certainly he is very brave nothing seems to scare him. He's not very huge maybe 16hh and solid with lots of bone. He doesn't have the raw power and scope that Tsar had. And certainly he is no where near as handsome but for the first time in a long time I'm excited to be riding. I'm also boarding him in exchange for riding and work so I have access to better hacking and jumps and it's great being able to collaborate again.

We had a great jump school today where we cantered nearly everything and he even started to give me a little wait to the fences when I asked which is huge. His stride is quite long and he moves me past my spot a little so he is going to end up sharp in front or learn to collect. I have a client horse coming in for a sale on behalf tomorrow and might catch a round at the jumper show so safe to say it doesn't look like illbe quitting riding anytime soon 


  1. Sounds very promising :) Glad you are still riding.

  2. He sounds like a fun horse - hope you have a blast with him!!!