Saturday, May 28, 2016

Spoilt Fried Rice

China man continues to be an absolute treat. When I rode him once at the track I was told about how he'll open his mouth and throw his head and bolt and he has done this to me a few times mostly towards the fence, requiring and emergency two handed pull on one rein. Still I have never felt afraid on this horse, it makes me laugh looking back at how cautious I was when I first starting riding him, but also how far he has come.

Here's a bit of a day on the life of China man anyway. He has a hay bale all to himself and the sheep steal some too. I swear he isn't spoilt. 

The weather has been nonstop rain for days it feels so me and the dog child did a bit of this 

Waiting for the passing of that

iPhone five fails to capture the rain drops. 

He's keener than both me and the dog. He LOVES to work! 

I was thinking he wouldn't be a snaffle horse for the jumping phases for long, mostly because of how leaden he could be in the mouth but this noseband has changed all of that so far. He isn't bracing the same. I have also switched out the French link long cheek for a Kk trainer loose ring in sweet iron. This is my go to for horses that prefer a jointed bit and like Butch and Tsar, China loves it. It's quite curved and thin and it must sit comfortably in the mouth. The noseband doesn't suit his head and probably a grackle would look nicer. A Hanoverian style with a flash has already received a very empathic thumbs down from the horse so we don't push it. He seems to like this and I can leave it quite loose and still have it be very effective.

Of course he is spoilt, such swag! I find some of the really large nature of his trot has been lost, mostly because he is more rhythmical and not always looking to accelerate. That power felt good though, I'm hoping as he gets stronger he'll be able to carry more swing. At te moment we are really focussing on relaxation and straightness. And canter transitions. Though he does flying changes already and he's only five! Go pony! I sometimes feel like I haven't made that much progress but he cantered some smaller circles without breaking, as in less than 20m, and he used to struggle to hold his canter going large, unless he was really smoking along pace wise. He is getting deeper into his corners and holding his shape and softness. His canter is still weak and I know that with tbs you need to do more to create the uphill canter that wbs are born with but man alive the brains in tbs. and the try! It's love!

Got a big few weeks coming up, dressage again next weekend with the return of Bob. Jumping the weekend after and again the weekend after that. So that should really be a good learning curve for both China and Bob. I know I won't get the work I get at home at te dressage with China but I just have to remember he is so young. I'm able to ride him so much more now, straighten him with just the leg without acceleration, half halt on the rein and slow his speed without over reaction. 

After we exercise, he grazes.

And I puff about how much harder flat schooling is

And I unsaddle while my not spoilt pony eats the fresh lawn grass. 

See he's not particularly exciting to look at, just the plainest of bays, though better with the haircut. But man riding this horse just gives me pure joy.


  1. Glad you guys are getting along famously!

  2. Sounds like a super fun horse!