Friday, June 3, 2016

More Stressage tomorrow

That's Bob warming up for a 7.15am lesson in a -1 frost (don't panic, that's Celsius not Fahrenheit). Everything is white because it's covered in ice and it's three hours later and I swear my sinuses are still frozen. I have dressage tomorrow with both China and Bob so obviously a jumping lesson is The best idea. China will go for a hack once I finish work. 

Here's China last night when I was riding at 5.15pm. Curse you Winter short days .

Yea it's been a lot of half light riding for me lately. I have made a massive gaff though. I sent bob home for a month to chill out before the winter shows started and he's gone backwards a lot in that time and he's really not ready for the level one he is entered in. At the same time I don't want to learn four dressage tests. 

China continues to excel and make my little jumper heart swell with happiness. He turns up everyday and tries his butt off and learns so quickly. I still don't have him as far as I'd like and that's driving me nuts but he is looking better. 

Everytime I ride him I feel like I've been Given a very precious gift. I feel like his training is coming on really well though I definitely need a lesson to make sure I'm on the right track. He had a hack scheduled for after work for a nice cruisey blow out and then I need to clip bob and clean my gear for tomorrow. I'm thinking sparkle browband for Bob might distract from
Our inability to travel straight. 

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