Sunday, November 26, 2017

Still here and still kicking

I think its been a year since I last blogged?? Which is long. And what a year? Oh man. What a year. I don't think I've ever learned as much about myself as I have this year. And to celebrate my finding of all this strength I designed and got a large phoenix tattoo on my leg, as I reminder that I have unbelievable resilience. So lets ignore the negatives, and lets focus on the positives.

I got into vet school!!!

Which is totally epic and amazing but honestly like you work so hard just to get in and then you get in and its honestly quite hard. But so so amazing. It's a nice feeling to be exactly where you are meant to be in life.

I still have Chinaman, formerly shown as Fried Rice, but now Shanghai. Which is better. He continues to be one of the most complicated horses I have ever worked with but is really starting to operate over a fence. Hes difficult in the mouth and just recently we tried maybe twenty bits and the one he strongly disliked on the flat he actually jumped well in. You have to bit him really softly and accept you have less control for him to then allow you some control. A shadow roll and no flash helps. Hes jumping 1m again and I'm looking to move him up in the next month or so if I get brave enough.

Hes rocking a sweet roached mane now and I honestly love him even if he very much suits the moniker of wanker. He is however a terrible traveller and getting worse now he is having to travel by himself. It turns out he had an accident once so it makes sense he doesn't travel well but it certainly makes life hard ans anxious. I'm going to try him without the partition to see if the extra freedom makes him happier. I just want a solution for the dude so we can go further afield. 

I'm on my summer holidays at the moment. and I'm hoping to get lets of riding in and have a long hot summer like when I was a kid with lots of adventures and recover from year one of five in vet school.
Hope everyone is well xxx


  1. Congratulations on getting into vet school, that's amazing :D

  2. Congratulations on getting into vet school. That is a huge accomplishment.

    Glad you and China are kicking on. You both look fabulous.

  3. Congratulations! You will be a great vet.

  4. congrats on vet school, that's awesome news! good to hear from you again and good to hear that Chinaman has mad good progress in getting back to work over fences! looking forward to hearing more!

  5. Congratulations on getting into vet school!

  6. Congrats on vet school! Glad you're still kicking.

  7. Wow! Congrats on vet school!