Saturday, July 25, 2009

A Busy Day

Today I'm packing for a holiday to Australia as well as getting both my horses worked, and doing some farmwork, despite it being my weekend off. But you get some pictures ok.

As you can see it was a stunning day for tis time of year. And extremely mild.

This is Kims favourite shep called Rustle. Her name is Rustle because Mum picked her up on the side of the road in a snow storm so we tease her about being a sheep rustler.

First calf of the year, only 350 to go! This little ducky is a couple of weeks early and would be lucky to be as high as my knee.

This is me blatting off in the tractor to go feed the cows.

Connie waiting to be ridden. She is tied to our beloved Truckie. We had previously ridden Kate and Rascal and had an excellent ride around the roads, while Connie went up to road the other way and we had a ride over the hills on our run-off.

This little chap is a NZ native bird called a fantail. They fan their tails and are possibly the cutest birds ever. They would be a bit smaller than a sparrow. They often follow the horses because of the bugs the horses stir up as they walk. According to Maori legend if one flies into your house you will have a death in the family.

A better post to come on seeing your strides, a situation in which i should take my own advice more haha!


  1. Shucks, better think up some more questions! This is great seeing so many new posts.
    How about one on dealing with nerves and how not to communicate nervousness to your horse?
    And show etiquette? I am never sure which way to pass people and how you know who is next at the practise jump.

  2. That calf is the cutest thing ever!