Thursday, July 2, 2009

Marching in spot.

Soo much rain. It's decidedly average. Today I had my first ride in 10 days. I'm glad I'm not doing clinics this winter because no way would anything be fit enough with the weather we are having. Kim rode Kate and I rode Connie. Connie is such a pony. I loves her. I just cruise back up from the paddock, bareback with a halter and rope and she is totally sweet with it. I'm actually pretty proud because I have done all her training from the time she was born, and I didn't do a terrible job, though with her nature it wasn't that hard.

Rascal has been brewing the abcess from hell. Poor sausage has been sore for days, but just today she is not really weight bearing and has some swelling up her leg. The abcess itself is located on her inside heel bulb, so she is getting epsom salts soaks, and poultices, and antibiotics. She is in one of the house paddocks because it is the least muddy, though neither her or Kate are that happy about being seperated.

So basically, there is no news. I hope to soon do something worth blogging about. I need to cobble together a few informational posts at some stage. For all that my riding doesn't reflect it, I have managed to absorb a fair bit of knowledge and as soon as i learn to trust what I know and how i ride we will be golden again. Kate certainly helps. She likes me better then Kim. Kim made her really antsy. She is a hard horse. She is sort of spooky but it's hard to know how to best ride her spooks. If Connie is worred, pick up some more contact and wrap your legs on and go, while if you do that to Kate she gets more worried. I think she is a long rein past scary things kind of a girl.

So also, In better news, I have started to shift some weight. Kim is a real slave driver. I haven't lost much weight as such but I'm definitely changing where the weight is distributed. Which is great, my eneergy levels are greatly improved, though I have to say I'm horrified at how unfit I was. Jeebers.

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