Sunday, July 12, 2009

An upcoming clinic

Chris Chugg on Vivant

This combination came to NZ, from Australia, to ride in the National Showjumping championships and the Horse of the Year Show. Vivant is an incredible horse and everyone was drooling over him. Anyway, Tielcey park is offering a clinic with Chris Chugg and after lots of hemming and hawing I decided to go in it. Unfortunately the time wasted meant that there was only places left on the friday. One in the 90cm-1m and the other in the 1m-1.10m. I went for the second group and I'll take Kate and tyhat may be a mistake as I have yet to jump her, but I figure if I can jump some big oxers before I go it wont matter that I haven't jumped her at all. It's not until the last weekend of August.

In other interesting news I rode her in the happy mouth three ring gag tonight, just to see how she would go in it. It's unlikely I will be able to show her in a snaffle and this was the next option because it will help with the way she bears down on the bit and leans. Anyway, she seemed much happier and quieter with the bit in the hapopy mouth (It was only on the snaffle ring). so thats nice. Once again the softer bit makes for an easier to hold horse. I have been to chicken to go softer because I thought I wouldn't hold her, even though I know softer is better lol. Anyway, she reaches for the contact in the happy mouth and so that is just excellent. Time to get to work, I only have 7 weeks until clinic time.

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  1. I'm sure you'll have a great time at the clinic. It should be fun.