Saturday, March 27, 2010


It's cold! I even put winter rugs on Rascal and Bill, even though normally I make them tough it out. Mean hey. I'm not riding much at the moment mostly due to a lack of saddles. I'm definitely feeling better though, getting more work done and having less days where I feel I'm wading through treacle and exhausted. I also feel calmer and less stressed so it's a nice change to see some up after been stuck on a downward cycle for some three months.

I freejumped Bill yesterday. I wanted to see if she had any jump seeing as she is far and away the best bred horse on the property. I didn't take any pictures though sorry. Her breeding sort of points more towards eventing, more than showjumping but both her sire and her dam sire have produced top showjumpers. Anyway, the first few times she jumped the crossbar I was cringing. Handing legs and rolled shoulders! It was hideous! She also loved that long spot and took a few flyers.

It was really interesting though to watch her figure it all out as the jump got bigger. Only went to like 1.05m which she was popping over easily and she was finally starting to add the extra stride rather than doing huge leaps. She actually has some technique in there once she figured it out. She was getting her knees up and she uses her head and neck really well. A little trail behind so there is plenty there to be happy about after the initial horror haha! Then we made a little cross and made it ugly as with lots of fill, changing it every time she went over. I was very impressed with how bold she was. She definitely looked at it but never looked like stopping even if she did give that little cross lots of room. She seemed to enjoy herself also which is good. I had planned to ride her today but obviously the weather got in the way.

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  1. Glad you are feeling better and the jumping session sounds like fun