Monday, March 1, 2010

Wellington and Horowhenua Showjumping and Showhunter Champs 3

Sprinkler bandit- I drag my boyfriend along to take photos, or my sister if I drag her along. I always have some support crew otherwise I struggle. Dan is getting to be quite the Equestrian photographer.

Anyway, I was a very good organised girl for the Saturday and was on the board to ride 25th and 45th in the 1.05m that morning and then I could get out of there and go home! Woo. Relaxing afternoon and shower. Foxton is on the coast so it has good sandy soil that handles the wet really well, but the practice arenas cut up and get really dusty. You know the feeling, dust all over your face, and up your nose and in your ears? So they had watered overnight and they had gone a little over the top and the practice arenas where really quite treacherous. I quite often don't stud on sandy soils because they don't get slippery like clay, but man I was glad I had that day.

I rode Connie first as per. It seems to work better that way. she is the more difficult ride but she is also my girl and she is brave and fun so it seems to go better if I ride her first. Connie doesn't move much in her yards overnight which slows her guts down and then when I ride her she poos alot. Again she pooped coming into the first fence- hence the very pretty trot to the first jump. She still cleared it though- good pony.

It was a much better round than the days before. Still a little over bent to start but the last half of the round was awesome. I even had that perfect fence you know (The red yellow and white vertical) where you just canter it and it comes up perfect. So that was good. In the jump-off she jumped well but again not quick, but had a rail coming out of the double. Probably I rode her too flat through it, but without a video it's hard to say really.

Kates round was also heaps better, just smoother and more consistent than I was riding the day before. A little more confident and together you know. I took the rail at the first with Kate- I sat up to soon and she took the rail, but other than that she jumped really super.

I definitely was feeling a lot more content and satisfied with those rounds. Most of my issues where just being rusty. It's that feeling at the start of the season when you feel a bit rusty and haven't had the ring time. I just haven't had enough shows lately. So 1.10m next weekend at Wairarapa Showjumping Show for both of them and then 10 days until the HOY. Even if I only jump 1.10m there all week I am very excited to be there and be riding there you know.


  1. Really good to hear that things are going more smoothly - and I always love the pictures.

  2. I'm glad things are going better for you. I love the pictures.